Are there any other Avatar series?

Are there any other Avatar series?

Since its original release, Avatar has developed into a franchise spanning works in various media….Avatar: The Last Airbender (franchise)

Television series Avatar: The Last Airbender (upcoming)
Animated series Avatar: The Last Airbender (2005–2008) The Legend of Korra (2012–2014)

Is there a show better than Avatar: The Last Airbender?

The obvious pick for a show to watch after Avatar: The Last Airbender is its sequel. The Legend of Korra, which takes place after Aang has died and a new Avatar has risen in his place, is considered by many to be an even better series, and is well known for its strides in LGBTQ+ representation in kids’ TV.

Is Naruto as good as Avatar?

However, in comparison to Avatar, Naruto is significantly better. Naruto has way more better soundtracks. It feels good when an awesome scene such as Kakashi Hatake v. Obito Uchiha.

What do I watch after Avatar?

The Legend of Korra
If you just finished Avatar: The Last Airbender, then the next thing you should watch is its sequel series, The Legend of Korra. Here, we follow Avatar Korra, the successor to Avatar Aang.

Why is The Last Airbender so hated?

#1: Whitewashed Characters Arguably the most visible thing wrong with “The Last Airbender” is the casting. The characters in the film are clearly different races than those in the show. Hollywood has a long history of whitewashing roles, but this is one of the most egregious examples in recent memory.

What did Aang lie about?

1 Aang Lied In order to get the feuding clans to quit arguing and holding this ancient dynamic over each other’s heads, Aang decides to tell them the story of the “real” Jin Wei and Wei Jin. Only, his story is a lie. He made it up in order to settle the conflict, make it seem like a massive misunderstanding.