Are Legend trailers any good?

Are Legend trailers any good?

Legend trailers are hands down the best trailers we carry! Legend’s material and build quality is second to none. I am very pleased with the quality, craftsmanship, and value of the trailer. All aluminum frame is great for light weight as well as the aluminum roof. …

Where are legend trailers built?

Growing. In 2013 Legend Manufacturing purchased a former Wal-Mart facility in Alma, Michigan in order to expand their growing enterprise. The management team repurposed and expanded nearly 150,000 square feet of space to become their new center for the production of high-quality aluminum and steel trailers.

How much does a legend trailer weigh?

Dry Weight 3,090 lbs.

Are Aluma Trailers worth it?

Yes, aluminium utility trailers are worth the money. This means that under the same pressure, the aluminum will bend more and will not be able to handle the amount of heavy load effectively. This material is also not suitable for transporting cargo over longer distances, as it fatigue and spoils faster than steel.

Are cross Trailers any good?

If you are looking for a nice quality trailer, I would encourage you to check out Cross Trailers. Such wonderful people, easy to work with, great attitudes, and even better customer service. I would recommend them to anyone!

Do Aluma Trailers rust?

Our trailers are made from durable rust free aluminum that guarantees long lasting quality. We’ve got a wide variety to fill every hauling need, because at Aluma, every trip and every load is valued.

What is the difference between legend and Thunder aluminum enclosed trailers?

This all aluminum enclosed trailer may be where Legend starts, but Thunders pack a punch comparable to other manufacturers’ top of the line offerings. Utilizing the same Legend material and build quality, Thunder aluminum enclosed v-nose cargo trailers offer strength and reliability with fewer bells and whistles found on our deluxe models.

What kind of trailer is the legend Thunder 6x13tvsa30 317739?

STK# 6X13TVSA30 317739 New LEGEND Thunder 13′ Single Axle All Aluminum Cargo Trailer, V-Nose, Bright Diamond Plate Stone Shield, Curb Side Access Door, Rear Ramp Door, Interior Light, Steel Rims, N… See More Details

What kind of trailers does legend make?

Legend Premium Trailers 2022 MODELS Aluminum and steel trailers by Legend are the leading choice for today’s hands-on homeowner or powersports enthusiast. We take pride in our premium engineered design, attention to detail, customer ease of use, and an industry leading warranty.

What kind of trailer is the new legend 7x14odsa30 17543?

STK# 7X14ODSA30 17543 New LEGEND 7X14ODSA30 14′ Open Deluxe Single Axle Aluminum Utility Trailer, ProWood Dura Color Wood Decking, Side Rails, Stake Pockets, 48″ Lay-Flat Ramp Gate, Silver Steel Ri… See More Details