Why did Vicky leave Geordie Shore in Season 9?

Why did Vicky leave Geordie Shore in Season 9?

VICKY Pattison has revealed the breaking point that led her to quitting Geordie Shore – she was banned from reading books. The 29-year-old star left the show in 2014 after three years on the show, and revealed she had a wake-up call when she was chastised for going “off-brand” and wanting to read a book in bed.

What happens in Season 9 of Geordie Shore?

Boss Vicky takes the team to run their first gay “Tash-on Tours” job, with great success. The Geordies are going out of the Toon and into the country to host a Tash on Tours night at Lakefest in Gloucestershire. Charlotte and Gaz have their first real test when Charlotte spots Gaz flirting with a girl at the hoedown.

What season does Vicky leave Geordie?

Vicky Pattison He proposed one season later in Mexico but Vicky called it all off by series five. He quit Geordie Shore once their relationship ended (birthing Ex on the Beach, more on that later), but Vicky stuck around until the end of series nine.

Is Charlotte Crosby in season 13 of Geordie Shore?

The series was filmed in June and July 2016 and concluded on 20 December 2016. This was the first series not to include Charlotte Crosby since she made her exit during the previous series.

What condition does Vicky Pattison have?

She was eventually diagnosed with premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD), and added: “On one hand I am super pleased I finally have some answers.

Is there a season 9 of Geordie Shore?

The ninth series of Geordie Shore, a British television programme based in Newcastle upon Tyne, was confirmed on 12 July 2014, and began on 28 October 2014. It was also announced that the cast would travel to Paris and Somerset. All cast members from the previous series returned.

What happens at the end of Geordie Shore?

The Geordies’ raucous summer comes to a climax, with more getting mortal and necking on, and a final piece of high drama which leaves the house in a state of shock.
 Gary and Holly are still furious at the way Charlotte’s boyfriend treated her during their night out in London.

Where is Geordie Shore filmed?

Set in and around Newcastle upon Tyne, it is the British adaptation of American show Jersey Shore. Let’s get mortal! The Geordie Shore cast head to Magaluf for the summer hols.

What happened to Holly and Charlotte on Geordie Shore?

Meanwhile there’s a tiny tragedy in the house, leading to an unexpected funeral on the beach. The Geordie Shore house is rocked to the core as Charlotte and Holly have an explosive falling out with new girl Marnie in a nightclub argument that gets way out of hand.