Why did Run BTS Stop 2021?

Why did Run BTS Stop 2021?

Run BTS is going on hiatus for an indeterminate amount of time, presumably so members and crew can sleep. BTS has been professionally “running” in the form of a “self-produced” variety show for six years and over 150 episodes, and, last week, Weverse announced the long-running series will be taking a break.

What is the funniest episode of Run BTS?

The Best (and Funniest) Episodes of Run BTS

  • Episode 24. Why we love it: BTS thought they were being treated to a trip to a night safari, only to be scared out of their seats with a “zombie” invasion.
  • Episode 39 and 41 (ep. 40 is an unrelated New Year special!)
  • Episode 63 – 65.
  • Episode 83 – 85.
  • Episode 102 – 103.

Why is Suga not in Run BTS EP 142?

On June 15, Run BTS returned for its 142nd episode after a month-long break. The episode was shot when Suga was healing from an injury, which is why he was not present in the video. The chef went on to divide the boys into two teams, and they each had to cook a dish.

What game did BTS play in Run BTS 107?

Gamer BTS (ep 107-108) Then, they went face-to-face on a racing game called “KartRider” where Jungkook was the ultimate winner.

How long is Run BTS break?

“Run BTS,” the South Korean variety show starring BTS is rumored to be going on a two-year hiatus and the group’s fans known as ARMY, are not taking it lightly. The show ran its third season finale, episode 156, last on Oct.

Which Run BTS episode is zombie?

episode 24
‘ episode 24 – ‘BTS vs Zombies’

Why is Suga not participating in Run BTS?

Now that Suga has healed from his shoulder surgery, he’s back to his regular activities with BTS, but he missed out on filming Run BTS! during his recovery.

Where is Yoongi in run BTS?

Suga was absent from the episode owing to his recovery break after shoulder surgery. Nonetheless, the rapper was included in the episode via edits. The makers hilariously placed the rapper’s cut-outs at the least expected times.

What video game did BTS play in run BTS?

One of the funniest examples came early in Run BTS’ run, when the members had to solve a puzzle in a zombie-infested haunted house. Once they’ve successfully escaped the haunted house, they have to play a game of freeze tag with the zombies in order to escape the theme park.

Is Run BTS ending for good?

However, it is not the end for Run BTS. No official confirmation has been made from any side about the duration of the break.

Who won BTS EP 137?

In Episode 137, BTS continued their “entertainment quiz show.” They competed against each other in teams of two to win their choice of prizes at the end of the episode. After nosediving toward defeat, Team Jin and J-Hope turned the tables and won the game.

Is Run BTS still going in 2021?

In 2021, the series went on a brief hiatus at the beginning of May through mid-June to accommodate promotions for the release of the band’s new song at that time. The series went on a second temporary hiatus in October, for the airing of season 2 of BTS In the Soop which premiered on October 15.

Why is Suga not in Run BTS 137?

The editors of Run BTS! Now that Suga has healed from his shoulder surgery, he’s back to his regular activities with BTS, but he missed out on filming Run BTS! during his recovery.

Why did BTS break from BTS?

Speaking about the show’s break, Jimin mentioned that they have carefully decided to take a break to come back even stronger and better next season. RM also expressed his thoughts on the show by saying that Run BTS is their “next biggest pillar”, after music and concerts.

Can I watch run BTS in Weverse?

Run BTS! episodes 86 through 90 are also availble for viewing on Weverse! In 2020 episodes will be airing on Big Hit’s app for artists and fans to connect, Weverse. With episode 91 premiering on January 14, 2020 with Weverse exclusives.

How many run BTS episodes are there?

156Run BTS / Number of episodes

Why is Suga not in Run BTS EP 133?

Suga is not appearing in current run episodes because when these run episodes were shot, he was recovering from his shoulder surgery. He sustained an injury on his left shoulder pre-debut when he used to work for a delivery service. He met with an accident.

Why is Suga not in Run BTS EP 143?

SUGA wasn’t included because of his shoulder surgery.

What episode is the Lachimolala?

BTS chaotic energy moment: Episode 41 is where Jimin’s absolutely iconic “lajibolala” line came from, and that’s all we have to say about that.

Why Suga is not in Run BTS 142?