Why did Israel launched operation pillar of defence?

Why did Israel launched operation pillar of defence?

An IDF spokesman said that the goal of the operation is to “bring back quiet to southern Israel, and… to strike at terror organizations.” At the same time, Israeli spokespersons said that it would try “to avoid civilian casualties.” 10 people including 2 children were killed in Israeli strikes.

Can Israeli soldiers enter Gaza?

JERUSALEM – Israeli troops have entered the Gaza Strip as part of the ongoing military operation against the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas, the military said on Friday. The Israeli defence ministry has given the army the green light to mobilise thousands of reservists if necessary.

How many Israeli soldiers died in 2014?

67 Israeli soldiers
67 Israeli soldiers, 5 Israeli civilians (including one child) and one Thai civilian were killed and 469 IDF soldiers and 261 Israeli civilians were injured.

Does Israel control the Gaza Strip?

Israel maintains direct external control over Gaza and indirect control over life within Gaza: it controls Gaza’s air and maritime space, and six of Gaza’s seven land crossings. It reserves the right to enter Gaza at will with its military and maintains a no-go buffer zone within the Gaza territory.

How many Israeli soldiers died in protective edge?

A total of 64 IDF soldiers and three civilians were killed, and about 450 soldiers and 80 civilians were wounded. MFA Spokesperson: “Israel has notified Egypt that it has agreed to their ceasefire proposal.” The 72-hour ceasefire went into effect at 8:00 AM.

Why is the West Bank not part of Israel?

In June 1967, the West Bank and East Jerusalem were captured by Israel as a result of the Six-Day War. With the exception of East Jerusalem and the former Israeli-Jordanian no man’s land, the West Bank was not annexed by Israel; it remained under Israeli military control until 1982.

Why is Gaza and Israel fighting?

Tensions are often high between Israel and Palestinians living in East Jerusalem, Gaza and the West Bank. Israel and Egypt tightly control Gaza’s borders to stop weapons getting to Hamas. Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank say they are suffering because of Israeli actions and restrictions.

Why does Israel blockade Gaza?

Israel says the blockade is needed to keep Hamas, an Islamic militant group sworn to Israel’s destruction, from rearming, while critics say the closure amounts to collective punishment. The blockade, which restricts the movement of goods and people in and out of Gaza, has devastated Gaza’s economy.

When was the last time Israel bombed Gaza?

Gaza–Israel conflict

Date 28 June 2006 – ongoing (15 years, 6 months, 3 weeks and 6 days)
Location Gaza Strip Southern Israel and parts of Egypt
Status General cease-fire between Israel and Hamas (from 2014) punctuated by sporadic clashes between the IDF and Palestinian militant organizations.