Who originally sang strong by London grammar?

Who originally sang strong by London grammar?

Strong (London Grammar song)

Label Metal & Dust Recordings
Songwriter(s) Hannah Reid Dot Major Daniel Rothman
Producer(s) Tim Bran Roy Kerr London Grammar
London Grammar singles chronology

Why is London grammar called London grammar?

They chose the name as “not only was it where we’re from, but London is also so international and multicultural that it actually felt like quite a universal name in a way.”

What genre is London grammar?

Art rock
Art Pop
London Grammar/Genres

How old is Hannah Reid?

32 years (December 30, 1989)Hannah Reid / Age

How many grammar are there in London?

English indie pop trio London Grammar has released three studio albums, one extended play, 14 singles (including one as a featured artist) and 13 music videos….

London Grammar discography
EPs 1
Singles 14

Who has covered strong London grammar?


Title Performer Info
Strong London Grammar First release
Strong Lee Glasson
Strong Chase & Status Editor’s cover song pick Live
Clash 5 Pip vs Sietske Version from TV talent show Medley

Who sang stronger?

Kelly ClarksonStronger (What Doesn’t Kill You) / Artist

How old is Hannah from London Grammar?

Who influenced London Grammar?

“We have all had very different influences, I was more of jazz classical blues based,” explains Dot. “Hannah is more influenced by by classic singer/songwriters like Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston and Dan is probably more of an Indie kid at heart.

What type of voice does Hannah Reid have?

contralto voice
Comprising lead vocalist and songwriter Hannah Reid, multi-instrumentalist and producer Dot Major and guitarist Dan Rothman, London Grammar’s unique sound is largely thanks to Reid’s distinctive contralto voice, and it shines on Californian Soil.