Who is the best trance DJ in the world?

Who is the best trance DJ in the world?

15 Best Trance DJ Artists

  • Armin van Buuren. *Live Life Intensely: You’re Only Here Once – Armin van Buuren*
  • Aly & Fila. *Please add some signature Arabic sound before you start reading this one*
  • Ferry Corsten. *Can you FEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEL it?
  • Above & Beyond.
  • Allen Watts.
  • Paul Van Dyk.
  • Gareth Emery.
  • Cosmic Gate.

Who is the best psychedelic DJ?

Global List

  • INFECTED MUSHROOM. 13,568 followers. Psy-Trance. Trance. EDM/Pop.
  • ASTRIX. 7,012 followers. Psy-Trance. EDM/Pop.
  • ANGERFIST. 4,822 followers. Hardcore / Hard Techno. Psy-Trance. EDM/Pop.
  • NEELIX. 4,507 followers. Psy-Trance. EDM/Pop.
  • ACE VENTURA. 1,492 followers. Psy-Trance. EDM/Pop.

Who is the king of psytrance?

1. Astrix. The number one artist that has helped build Israel’s electronic music scene is Astrix. With deep roots in the underground scene, Astrix ‘Avi Shmailov has produced four studio albums with his signature uplifting sound.

Why is it called trance?

The “Trance” name may refer to an induced emotional feeling, high, euphoria, chills, or uplifting rush that listeners claim to experience, or it may indicate an actual trance-like state the earliest forms of this music attempted to emulate in the 1990s before the genre’s focus changed.

Which is the best trance?

50 Best Trance Hits Ever

  • Silence (feat.
  • I Remember – Radio Editdeadmau5, Kaskade.
  • For An Angel – PVD Angel In Heaven Radio EditPaul van Dyk.
  • Superstring – RANK 1’s Radio EditCygnus X, Rank 1.
  • Escape Me (feat.
  • Tracking Treasure DownGabriel & Dresden, Molly Bancroft.

Who is the biggest house DJ?

Top 10 House DJs of 2020

  • Hot Since 82. Daley Padley, also known as Hot Since 82, is a British DJ, house music producer and DJ Awards winner.
  • Green Velvet. Green Velvet is a Chicago-based house DJ active in the scene since the early 1990s.
  • Carl Cox.
  • Frankie Knuckles.
  • Fatboy Slim.
  • Roger Sanchez.
  • Todd Terry.
  • StoneBridge.

What is the best psytrance?


  • Navras Bliss Remix. Juno Reactor.
  • Sacred Space Original mix. Symbolic.
  • Indian Spirit Original Mix. Blastoyz, Sajanka, Liora Itzhak.
  • Wind of Change Original mix. E-Clip.
  • There Was A Time Original Mix. Neelix, Caroline Harrison.
  • Galactic Mantra Morsei Remix.
  • The Fusion Blastoyz Extended Remix.
  • Psychodance Original Mix.

Who are some good psytrance artists?

Psytrance Artists

  • Infected Mushroom. 844,444 listeners. Infected Mushroom is an electronic music group.
  • Shpongle. 475,859 listeners.
  • Juno Reactor. 406,571 listeners.
  • Astral Projection. 196,707 listeners.
  • Hallucinogen. 193,924 listeners.
  • 1200 Micrograms. 178,280 listeners.
  • Astrix. 206,353 listeners.
  • Talamasca. 123,103 listeners.