Who is RS technologies?

Who is RS technologies?

RS Technologies is a leading independent provider of IT Infrastructure Services encompassing Integration and Management of IT Infrastructure, through its robust world class delivery processes to varied corporations of high repute. RS Technologies came into existence in 2011 and started-off its operations in Islamabad from a single room.

Why RSRs technologies?

RS Technologies significantly contributes to the success of our customers by offering end-to-end innovative IT solutions and services that enhance dexterity and enabling them to outperform in the competitive world by implementing best global practices to overcome the business challenges. Our Core Values are:

Why should you choose RTS technologies for CCTV installation?

R S Technologies has got a good team and expertise in installation of CCTV, video door calling phone etc. They provide an instant solution at viable rates and does maintain system through AMC after 1 year.

Why choose RSET?

RSET has carried our prestigious river basin studies directly for MoEF&CC, Government of India with a view to use them as decision making tool for sustainable hydropower development in various river basins in Himalayan region.