Who is Ramesh pisharody wife?

Who is Ramesh pisharody wife?

SoumyaRamesh Pisharody / Wife

What is the age of Ramesh pisharody?

40 years (October 1, 1981)Ramesh Pisharody / Age

Is Ramesh pisharody Brahmin?

Ramesh Pisharody is a Indian, Actor, TV Presenter….Caste, Religion, Community, Mother Tongue, Languages Known.

Religion Hinduism
Ramesh Pisharody’s Caste Father – –
Mother – Same As Fathers

Which caste is pisharody?

Pisharody (also spelled Pisharodi, Pisharadi, Pisharoty, or Pisharoti; colloquially known as Sharody) is a Hindu Brahmin community from Kerala, India. As Vaishnavites Pisharodys were traditionally caretakers of Hindu temples and considered as Gurus or Acharyas who taught the Vedic texts.

Is Ramesh pisharody married?

SoumyaRamesh Pisharody / Spouse

What is the height of Mohanlal?

5′ 8″Mohanlal / Height

What is the full name of Ramesh Pisharody?

The full name of this Actor, TV Presenter is Ramesh Pisharody. The tag name is Rames. He has Indian citizenship. his home town in Kottayam, Kerala, India. He follows Hinduism. The educational qualification of this person is not found. Let scroll the below table. Do you have an interest in the Ramesh Pisharody Age?

Who is Ramesh Raja’s wife Soumya?

Ramesh is married to Soumya and the couple have three children. He joined Salim Kumar ‘s mimicry troupe Cochin Stallions when it was formed in 2000 and worked for four years.

What is the relationship between Dharmajan and Pisharody?

In 2013, Dharmajan and Pisharody teamed again for the comedy series Badai Bungalow on Asianet with Pisharody as co-host (with Mukesh) and Dharmajan as actor. It aired for five years.

What is the political affiliation of Pisharody Chawla?

Currently, he is a part of the Indian National Congress party. Pisharody was born as the youngest son in the family and has four siblings. In 2000, he joined Cochin Stallions the mimicry troupe of Salim Kumar.