Which Non-Aligned Movement summit has been Organised in Iran?

Which Non-Aligned Movement summit has been Organised in Iran?

16th Summit of the Non-Aligned Movement
Host country Iran
Dates 26 August 2012 – 31 August 2012
Motto Lasting peace through joint global governance
Cities Tehran

Where was 8th Summit of Non Alignment Movement held?


Date Host city
6th 3–9 September 1979 Havana
7th 7–12 March 1983 New Delhi
8th 1–6 September 1986 Harare
9th 4–7 September 1989 Belgrade

Which Non-Aligned conference was hosted by India in 1983?

7th Summit of the Non-Aligned Movement

7th Summit Conference of Heads of State or Government of the Non-Aligned Movement
Host country India
Date 7–12 March 1983
Cities New Delhi
Chair Indira Gandhi

When was Non-Aligned Movement formed?

September 1, 1961Non-Aligned Movement / Founded

What is NAM full form?

Non-Aligned Movement (NAM)

What is Non-Aligned Movement Class 8?

Hint: The Non Aligned Movement included a group of nations who were not associated with any of the major power blocs i.e the USA or the USSR. It was established during the fall of the colonial powers all over the world and the struggle for independence for Asia, Africa, Latin America and others during the cold war.

How many member countries are there in Non-Aligned Movement?

120 Member States
At present, the Movement has 120 Member States, 17 Observer Countries and 10 Observer organizations.

When was started Non-Aligned Movement?

Who coined the term non-alignment?

The term “non-alignment” was coined by V K Menon in his speech at the United Nations (UN) in 1953, which was later used by Indian Prime Minister Jawahar Lal Nehru during his speech in 1954 in Colombo, Sri Lanka, in which he described the Panchsheel (five restraints) to be used as a guide for Sino-Indian relations.