What size is 3/8 line fitting?

What size is 3/8 line fitting?

Plumbing Basics – AN Fittings & Hoses

AN Size Hose i.d. – Tube o.d. SAE Thread Size
-3 3/16 in. 3/8 in.-24
-4 1/4 in. 7/16 in.-20
-5 5/16 in. 1/2 in.-20
-6 3/8 in. 9/16 in.-18

How do you test a mechanical fuel pump SBC?

Another way to check the pump is to; disconnect the fuel line at the carburetor and place it in a container. Crank the engine to see if the pump is pushing any fuel through the line. Strong steady spurts of fuel mean the pump is working.

Can a mechanical fuel pump make too much pressure?

The fuel delivery system uses a mechanical fuel pump that provides the lower level of pressure that a carburetor operates on. Using the wrong fuel pump that delivers excess pressure can cause problems ranging from poor performance and lower gas mileage to flooding and carburetor damage.

Do you need to prime a mechanical fuel pump?

You don’t need to manually prime a mechanical fuel pump the way you do a carb. A fuel pump works on a vacuum; at idle speed, a well-functioning fuel pump should draw enough of a vacuum to prime itself.

What thread pitch is AN4?

Each AN size number has its own standard thread size [see column three of the chart]….It’s Not Rocket Science.

AN Size Metal Tube O.D. Thread Size
3 3/16″ 3/8-24 SAE
4 1/4″ 7/16-20 SAE
5 5/16″ 1/2-20 SAE
6 3/8″ 9/16-18 SAE

What psi should my fuel pump be?

Required fuel pressure can vary depending on your vehicle’s engine and fuel system. Carbureted engines may require as little as 28 kPa (4 PSI), while modern multipoint fuel injected high-performance engines can require as much as 414 kPa (60 PSI).