What language do they speak in Lombardy?

What language do they speak in Lombardy?

Lombard language

Region Italy Lombardy Piedmont South Tyrol Trentino Switzerland Grisons Ticino Brazil Santa Catarina
Native speakers 3.8 million (2002)
Language family Indo-European Italic Romance Western Romance Gallo-Romance Gallo-Italic Lombard
Dialects Western Lombard Eastern Lombard

How can I learn Lombard language?

What You Can Do Here

  1. Find Lombard-speaking language exchange partners.
  2. Practice your Lombard by writing emails (pen pals).
  3. Practice written conversation using text chat.
  4. Practice speaking using voice chat.

What is Milanese language?

Milanese (endonym in traditional orthography Milanes, Meneghin) is the central variety of the Western dialect of the Lombard language spoken in Milan, the rest of its metropolitan city, and the northernmost part of the province of Pavia.

Can Italians understand Lombard?

Western Lombard and Italian Some speakers of Lombard varieties may have difficulty understanding one another and require a standard to communicate, but all Western Lombard varieties are mutually intelligible. The only official language in Lombardy is Italian.

How similar is Lombard to Italian?

Lombard is a language belonging to the Gallo-Italic group of languages, as standard Italian is a language of Latin origin, but is characterized by a certain influence of the Celtic substrate and the Germanic superstrate. The Italian language is a language derived from the medieval Florentine dialect.

How do you say hello in Milanese?

When greeting someone in Italian, you typically will say buongiorno (BWON JOOR-noh), which means “good day.” In the evening, you might switch to buona sera (BWO-nah SEH-rah), which means “good evening.” Although you might already be familiar with the word ciao (chow) to say “hi,” this word is never used among strangers …

Do they speak French in Milan?

In the Valle d’Aosta region yes, it is. In the rest of Italy, not that much, except for the french communities in Rome and Milan. English has replaced its place as the main foreign language.

What language is spoken in Piedmont?

Piedmontese (autonym: piemontèis [pjemʊŋˈtɛjz] or lenga piemontèisa, in Italian: piemontese) is a language spoken by some 2,000,000 people mostly in Piedmont, northwestern region of Italy.