What is the message of Oldboy?

What is the message of Oldboy?

The desire to blame others turning into the awareness of one’s own guilt (and vice-versa) appears in Oldboy as well: when Oh is imprisoned he does not just plan his revenge, but tries to find out the reason for his imprisonment, which comes out the same as writing down what wrong he has done to others, and admitting …

What did Oh Dae Su do?

Dae-su tortures the warden, Mr. Park, who reveals that Dae-su was imprisoned for “talking too much”. He is then attacked by guards and is stabbed but manages to defeat them. Dae-su’s captor is revealed to be a wealthy man named Lee Woo-jin.

Who is Mido in Oldboy?

When he suddenly finds himself freed from his bizarre captivity 15 years later, he is a different person, focused on revenge, ridiculously responsive to kindness. Wandering into a restaurant, he meets a young woman who, he knows from the TV, is Korea’s “Chef of the Year.” This is Mido (Gang Hye-Jung).

Why does he smile at the end of Oldboy?

Maybe he actually couldn’t let go of her as a lover so in the end he decided he wanted to be with her and so had the part where he knows it’s his daughter removed. Hence why when she tells him she loves him, he smiles.

Does Oldboy sleep with his daughter?

The famous twist of Oldboy, of course, is that the lead character, having been inexplicably held captive for years and then equally inexplicably released, ends up in a sexual relationship with his daughter, who had been tiny when he disappeared.

Did he really eat a live octopus in Oldboy?

The octopus-eating scene is especially notable because Choi Min-sik really ate a live octopus during filming. He actually ate four live octopuses, because they did four takes.

Is Marie Joes daughter in Oldboy?

Adrian reveals that Marie is really Joe’s own daughter and that he wanted Joe to know what it felt like to lose everything. Adrian then commits suicide, shooting himself in the mouth. Horrified, Joe writes Marie a letter saying they can never see each other again.

Why is Oldboy called Oldboy?

9. THE MAIN CHARACTER WAS NAMED AFTER OEDIPUS. Chan-wook said he chose the name Oh Dae-su “to remind the viewer of Oedipus.

Was the sister pregnant in Oldboy?

Also did the sister ever actually get pregnant? It’s really unclear. Lee Woo-Jin tells Dae Su: “your rumor got so out of hand that the next rumor was that Soo-ah was pregnant. My sister got sucked into that rumor and began believing it.

Who killed Dae-su wife?

Imprisonment. Years later, Dae-su became a drunken reprobate, who got drunk and missed his daughter’s birthday. Woo-jin had him kidnapped off the streets, and imprisoned in a hotel style room for fifteen years. He killed Dae-su’s wife and took his daughter Yeon-hee, raising her as Mi-do.

Why does Oh Dae-Su eat octopus?

In the film, the octopus-munching scene takes place shortly after Dae-su is freed from captivity. He enters a sushi restaurant and tells the chef, Mi-do (Kang Hye-jung), that he wants to eat a living thing. It’s a primal scene, and shows how consumed with hate and revenge Dae-su is.