What is the meaning of ammonia avenue?

What is the meaning of ammonia avenue?

Background and release. The title of the album was inspired by Eric Woolfson’s visit to Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI) in Billingham, England, where the first thing he saw was a street with miles of pipes, no people, no trees and a sign that read ‘Ammonia Avenue’, whose portrait was used for the front cover.

Who sang Ammonia Avenue?

The Alan Parsons ProjectAmmonia Avenue / ArtistThe Alan Parsons Project were a British rock band active between 1975 and 1990, whose core membership consisted of Alan Parsons and Eric Woolfson. Wikipedia

Who played in the Flying Burrito Brothers?

The original members were Chris Hillman (b. December 4, 1942, Los Angeles, California, U.S.), “Sneaky” Pete Kleinow (b. August 20, 1934, South Bend, Indiana, U.S.—d. January 6, 2007, Petaluma, California), Gram Parsons (original name Ingram Cecil Connor III; b.

Did Emmylou Harris love Gram Parsons?

Emmylou Harris and Gram Parsons had the greatest love affair that never was. Eventually, after years of writing songs and developing their craft, Klara and Johanna Soderberg wrote “Emmylou” as their tribute to the great love stories which had inspired their own interest in music.

Who inherited Gram Parsons estate?

He died in 1973 without leaving a will. Polly Parsons claimed to be the only living heir to her father and sought damages in excess of $500,000. The lawsuit also asked for a proper accounting of how Tickner and Dickson had obtained rights to Gram Parsons’ music.

Where was Gram Parsons burned?

Joshua Tree National Park
Death of Gram Parsons

Makeshift memorial dedicated to Parsons in Joshua Tree National Park
Date September 19, 1973 (official record)
Time 00:15 (official record)
Location Joshua Tree Inn, near Joshua Tree National Park
Cause “Drug toxicity, days, due to multiple drug use, weeks”

How do you use Ammonia Avenue in a sentence?

Until we seek until we find ammonia avenue. Through all the doubt somehow they knew. And stone by stone they built it high. Until the sun broke through. A ray of hope, a shining light ammonia avenue. Share lyrics. ×.

Is the song Ammonia Avenue about religion?

The entire album of Ammonia Avenue is about science having an impact on religion yes, but not in the light you are putting it. Alan and I have had a very long conversation about this song in particular and heres the story. Alan is a VERY spiritual man, though not religious.

Why does Eric Eric like Ammonia Avenue so much?

Eric was just fascinated by this area containing all these hugely pollutive things; everything was pipes, factories and steam. Coincidentally, another very 1984-ish image. Among all the pipes and steam there was this street called Ammonia Avenue.

Why do embalmers use ammonia in embalming?

The embalming chemicals prevent “dropsical water” which contains sithate of ammonia, a slightly alkaline substance that causes putrefaction. “Ammonia Avenue”, in my opinion, is the natural state of the body after death—decomposition.