What is scrollTop?

What is scrollTop?

scrollTop property gets or sets the number of pixels that an element’s content is scrolled vertically. An element’s scrollTop value is a measurement of the distance from the element’s top to its topmost visible content.

What is difference between scrollBy and scrollTo?

It is not same as scrollTo behavior. It means scrollBy always scrolls up or down further from current position. Or you can say scrollBy scrolls by distance from current pixels. Or you can say scrollBy consider current position as (0,0) and scroll further.

What is scroll height?

The scrollHeight property returns the entire height of an element in pixels, including padding, but not the border, scrollbar or margin. Tip: To add scrollbars to an element, use the CSS overflow property.

How do I know the scrollbar position?

To set or get the scroll position of an element, you use the properties scrollTop and scrollLeft of the element. The scrollLeft and scrollTop properties return the number of pixels that the element’s content is scrolled from its left and top edges. The top left corner of the element is (0, 0) .

What determines scroll height?

scrollHeight value is equal to the minimum height the element would require in order to fit all the content in the viewport without using a vertical scrollbar.