What is GPSC exam syllabus?

What is GPSC exam syllabus?

GPSC Syllabus consists of subjects like History of India, Cultural Heritage, Geography, Indian Polity, Public Administration, Economics, Science, Current Affairs.

How many subjects are there in GPSC prelims?

GPSC Prelims – General Studies 2 syllabus

Subject Topics
Indian Economy and Planning Indian Economy – Before and After Independence, Agricultural Sector, Infrastructure, etc.
Geography General Geography, Social Geography, Physical Geography, etc.

What is GPSC exam in Gujarati?

About GPSC The full form of GPSC is Gujarat Public Service Commission. GPSC is a constitutional body that conducts recruitments and examinations to select suitable and eligible candidates for various Gujarat State Administration posts. It was founded in 1960. The current Chairman of GPSC 2021 is Shri Dinesh Dasa.

Is Gujarati compulsory for GPSC exam?

The candidate must be graduated from a recognized University. The candidate must have basic knowledge of computers. Candidate must know Hindi/Gujarati/both.

Is GPSC exam tough?

Gpsc is making the exam increasingly difficult. As a gujarati one has command over gujarati as it is his mother tongue. So if you can prepare in English it can give you an edge over others.

Which GPSC book is best?

GPSC Books

  • Gujarat History – Gujaratno Itihas (In Gujarati) by Ajay Patel, Hiren Kakdiya, Sanjay Paghdal.
  • Modern History – Bipan Chandra.
  • Geography – Majid Hussain.
  • Economy – Ramesh Singh.
  • Indian Polity – Laxmikanth.
  • India Year Book.

What is total marks of GPSC exam?

GPSC Exam Pattern

Name of Exam Gujarat Public Services Exam for Gujarat Administrative Services Class I and Gujarat Civil Services, Class I & II
GPSC Exam Date (Mains 2021-22) To be notified
Duration of Exam 3 Hours each
Maximum Marks for each paper 150 Marks
Total Marks of all Mains papers 900 Marks

Can we write GPSC in English?

The competitive Exams will be held in two languages – Gujarati as well as in English. The maximum age limit increase 2 years from 28 to 30. The preliminary exam content will be objective type which includes verbal skills (150 marks), Reasoning (150 marks) and General knowledge (200 marks) are included.

Is it easy to clear GPSC?

As far as preparations for GPSC are concerned, first of all just get through the syllabus of prelims and mains thoroughly. If you are an engineering student, it will be easy to crack the prelims as it has 150 marks for mathematics and reasoning.. You don’t need to prepare topic wise for this paper.

Is GPSC easy?

How can I clear my GPSC exam?

GPSC Preparation Tips – Do & Don’ts

  1. Do not skip the time of the revision,
  2. Do not go for any new topics at the very last moment.
  3. Sleep on time and eat only healthy food.
  4. Candidates must drink water properly.
  5. Do not take any stress.
  6. Do take small breaks of 5 minutes after every hour.
  7. Revise topics frequently.

What is the job after GPSC?

After passing through all the stages, the candidate is allotted a particular service Dy. Collector, Dy. Superintendent of police , Mamlatdar, Taluka development officer, Section Officer etc. according to his/her rank.