What is Ginuwine up to?

What is Ginuwine up to?

Ginuwine is currently working on his eighth studio album Same Ol’ G…the Bachelor and confirmed that Timbaland and Missy Elliott executive produced the project.

How old is Ginuwine the singer?

51 years (October 15, 1970)Ginuwine / Age

Is Ginuwine still married to his wife?

“We are NOT yet divorced, but we ARE currently separated and working towards coming to our own agreement, without lawyers, to amicably and fairly divorce,” wrote Ginuwine in the caption of a somewhat incongruous inspirational quote (“Quitting is just NOT an option”) on Tuesday.

How tall is R&B singer Ginuwine?

6′ 2″Ginuwine / Height

Why did Solé divorce Ginuwine?

He blamed the split on his “poor choices and actions over many years.” By all accounts the Lumpkins led an ordinary life in a six-bedroom 5,000 square foot home in Brandywine, Md. The pair, who married in 2003, have two daughters together, Story, 13, and Dream, 12.

Are all Winchester Model 70’s the same length?

As discussed above, all pre 64 model 70 receivers are “long action” and are identical in length. Regardless of chambering, every model receiver has the exact the same screw spacing and (other than the tang style differences) will drop into the same stock inletting. Winchester did, however, produce short action rifles in the pre-64 years.

How much does a Winchester Model 70 featherweight weigh?

Winchester announced the venerable Model 70 Feather-weight along with the new .308 Winchester cartridge in August 1952. The Model 70 Featherweight was initially advertised at 6.5 pounds—the standard Model 70 usually weighed 7.75 to 8.0 pounds.

What happened to the Winchester Model 70 post-64?

The Mauser style claw extractor was removed and the new bolt made with a recessed bolt face, a small spring loaded extractor, and a spring loaded button ejector: this meant that the coned breech was done away with in favor of a squared breech. Winchester Model 70 post-64 rifle diagram.

What is the difference between a Magnum and a Model 70?

While both use the same action, the magnum will have a different contour barrel and require a wider channel in the stock. The 3 basic types of actions are Super Short Action, Short Action, and Long Action. And outside of a few custom builds and specialty rifles, all your Model 70’s made after 1964 should follow these rules.