What is DSE exam in Hong Kong?

What is DSE exam in Hong Kong?

The HKDSE examination is Hong Kong’s university entrance examination, administered at the completion of a three-year senior secondary education, allowing students to gain admissions to undergraduate courses at local universities through JUPAS.

How hard is DSE Hong Kong?

From our own experience with two children, with teaching HKDSE students and taking A levels (many moons ago), we consider this to be the hardest exam currently. It is not suited to students who have clear strengths in a small number of subjects (e.g. sciences). Some say it is as difficult as university.

How would you describe Hong Kong education system?

Education in Hong Kong is modeled after the UK education system. Education is free and compulsory in primary and junior secondary school. Independent schools (including the English Schools Foundation (ESF) and international schools) follow the U.S., U.K, I.B. or other overseas curriculum.

What is the difference between IB and DSE?

Similarly, the DSE curriculum does not offer theatre. If they hope to go to the Academy for Performing Arts or a drama school abroad after graduation, IB would be the better option. However, the fee for the IB Diploma programme at Creative Secondary School is HK$80,000 a year, compared to HK$60,000 a year for the DSE.

What does DSE stand for in education?


Acronym Definition
DSE Diploma of Secondary Education (Hong Kong)
DSE Data Science and Engineering (course of study)
DSE Detroit Speed and Engineering (now Detroit Speed, Inc.)
DSE Department of Special Education (various locations)

What is a DSE student?

DSE Student means a student who is admitted directly to second year of the UG program after completion of the Diploma Course or any other qualifying examination as specified by DTE/State Government.

Is DSE easier than IB?

Leung notes: “Students choose IB over DSE because DSE is harder. Yet, students from government-aided school don’t have a choice but only taking the DSE exam…Only DSS students get to study the IB programme and the ratio of the university intakes of students from IB, GSCE, Non-JUPAS is higher.”

Where does Hong Kong rank in education?

Hong Kong has ranked second in the world in a massive global study of school performance – but regional rival Singapore topped the annual list as Asia dominated, filling the first five spots on the list of 76 countries and territories.

Why do you want to study in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong is one of the world’s leading international financial centres and, due to its proximity to China and other Asian markets, is a hub for corporations and start-ups. Studying in Hong Kong can help you develop a social and professional network that can help you kickstart your career.

Is IB harder or DSE?

Students who are taking IB have to pay an additional fee of around HK$30,000. Leung notes: “Students choose IB over DSE because DSE is harder.

What do you know about IB?

The International Baccalaureate (IB) is a global leader in international education—developing inquiring, knowledgeable, confident, and caring young people.

What does DSE assessment include?

A DSE assessment is an assessment of risks associated with the use of Display Screen Equipment (DSE) such as computers, laptops, tablets, and other display screens at work. A DSE assessment analyses how a screen and equipment associated with it is used and assess the risks to the user.