What is C6748?

What is C6748?

Processor SDK for C6748 Processors TI-RTOS Support Processor SDK (Software Development Kit) is a unified software platform for TI embedded processors providing easy setup and fast out-of-the-box access to benchmarks and demos.

What is LCDK?

The TMS320C6748 DSP development kit (LCDK) is a scalable platform that breaks down development barriers for applications that require embedded analytics and real-time signal processing, including biometric analytics, communications and audio.

How many multiply functional units are present in TMS320C6748 processor?

Two Multiply Functional Units
Two Multiply Functional Units: Mixed-Precision IEEE Floating-Point Multiply Supported up to: 2 SP × SP → SP Per Clock.

What is the reason for need of high speed DSP?

6. What is the reason for the need of high speed DSP? Explanation: The time taken for input/output and the processing time together must be smaller than the sampling period to ensure the continuous flow of data.

How many registers are there in register file in tms320c67x processor *?

There are 16 valid register pairs for 40-bit and 64-bit data in the C67x DSPcores. In assembly language syntax, a colon between the register namesdenotes the register pairs, and the odd-numbered register is specified first.

Which functional unit is used for multiplication operation?

…of a control unit, an arithmetic logic unit (ALU), a memory unit, and input/output (I/O) controllers. The ALU performs simple addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and logic operations, such as OR and AND. The memory stores the program’s instructions and data.

What is DSP controller?

Abbreviated as MCU, µC or uC, a DSP microcontroller is a small computer that contains programmable output/input peripherals, a processor core, and memory on a single integrated circuit. It may also include a small amount of RAM and program memory. Microcontrollers are mainly designed for use in embedded applications.

What is Mac unit DSP?

MAC unit is a fundamental block in the computing devices, especially Digital Signal Processor (DSP). MAC unit performs multiplication and accumulation process. Basic MAC unit consists of multiplier, adder, and accumulator. In the existing MAC unit model, multiplier is designed using modified Radix-2 booth multiplier.

How many functional units are present in tms320c67xx?

four functional units
The processing of instruction occurs in each of the two data paths, each contains four functional units and 16, 32 bit general purpose registers.

How is multiplication performed in ALU?

Consider that the ALU does not provide the multiplication operation, but it is having the addition operation and shifting operation. Then we can write a micro program for multiplication operation and provide the micro program code in memory.

What is the function of ALU Class 11?

The ALU is a part of the CPU where various computing functions are performed on data. ALU performs arithmetic operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and logical operations. The result of an operation is stored in internal memory of CPU.