What is a TSR program use?

What is a TSR program use?

A terminate-and-stay-resident program (commonly TSR) is a computer program running under DOS that uses a system call to return control to DOS as though it has finished, but remains in computer memory so it can be reactivated later. TSRs are used only in DOS, not in Windows.

How do I watch a TSR program?

When running another program in DOS, you can press the preset keyboard key or combination of keys and the TSR program will “pop up” into view.

What is TSR memory?

Short for terminate-and-stay-resident, a TSR is a software program that remains in memory until it is needed, and then performs some function. An example of a TSR is an antivirus scanner, which must remain loaded in memory to help protect your computer from computer viruses.

What is TSR in Windows 10?

This page contains steps on removing TSR (terminate-and-stay-resident) programs temporarily from memory, and how to prevent them from automatically loading each time your computer boots.

What is a TSR virus?

Def: A terminate and stay resident (TSR) virus is one that stays active (resident) in memory after the. application has terminated Page 4 TSR viruses can be boot sector infectors or executable infectors. Both the Brain and Jerusalem viruses are TSR viruses.

What is the full form of TSR?


Acronym Definition
TSR Terminate & Stay Resident
TSR The Student Room (UK)
TSR Télévision Suisse Romande (Switzerland)
TSR Total Shareholder Return

What is TSR in laptop?

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What is CSR and TSR?

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