What is a good price for pressure washing?

What is a good price for pressure washing?

You’ll spend an average of $0.40 per square foot for a professional power washer or anywhere from $25 to $100 per hour depending on the size and type of the job and the equipment needed. However, most pros simply charge a flat rate of $90 to $200 on average.

How much does it cost to pressure wash a business?

Most pressure washing companies will charge you between $0.32 to $0.78 per square foot. On average, that often amounts to $0.40 per square foot for your typical pressure washing jobs.

How much do mobile pressure washers make?

In some regions, professionals working with power and pressure washers can hope to earn between $40 to $60 per hour and if you provide environmental services, you could command a price of $80 to $100 and above.

Do I need a license to pressure wash in Florida?

The state of Florida does not require a license to operate a pressure washer, so if you are out there looking for information on how to get one, please rest assured that you will not need a license.

Is pressure washing a good business in Florida?

The main goal that any company has is to be sure it’s making money. Because pressure washing’s preventative maintenance which can help you with avoiding costly repairs, pressure washing your business in Florida will help you with avoiding having to pay lots of money due to repair costs.

How much does it cost to pressure wash a house in Florida?

The average cost to pressure wash a house in Orlando, Florida is approximately $290 (the cost ranges from $220 to $340 for a 1,500 to 2,000 square foot house).

Why hire a pressure washing company in Jacksonville Beach?

Maintaining exterior surfaces around your home and business is easy when you hire the for pressure washing contractor. Here at As New Again, we provide quality power washing services to residents throughout Jacksonville Beach, Ponte Vedra, Fernandina Beach, and St. Augustine.

What can a low pressure house washing service do for You?

Invest in our low-pressure house washing methods to restore your home to its original look! Treat those ugly black streaks and stains on your roof with our low-pressure roof cleaning methods. Avoid damaging your roof by hiring the professionals! Have your pavers taken a beaten by the Florida sun and rain?

Why choose as new again pressure washing?

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