What happened to Smithy from The Bill?

What happened to Smithy from The Bill?

Planning to reveal all she knew before resigning from the Police Force, Young declared her love for Smith. Moments later, however, determined to stop Young from exposing him, Kent shot her from the rooftop with a sniper rifle. She died with Smith at her side shortly after arriving at the hospital.

Does Smithy get out of jail in The Bill?

After several months Larson discovered the affair and kidnapped Smithy. Smithy was rescued and Larson was jailed, but Louise refused to testify in a murder case, fearing her life, and ended the relationship, leaving behind a heartbroken Smithy.

How long was Smithy in The Bill?

Dale Smith/Service Record

1999-2001 Sun Hill
2001-2003 SO 19
2003-2009 Sun Hill
2009-present Sun Hill

Is Sun Hill police station real?

The Bill is set in and around Sun Hill police station, in the fictional “Canley Borough Operational Command Unit” in East London.

Why did inspector gold leave The Bill?

Another long-term character, Inspector Gina Gold, left the show after six years as part of the aftermath of the storyline, Gold retiring after becoming increasingly terrified at the thought of losing another officer.

When did Tony Stamp leave The Bill?

Contents. PC Tony Stamp was a long term character in The Bill between 1987 and 2009.

How does Gina Gold leave The Bill?

Gold found herself arrested in mid 2003, after a drinking match she went on was rigged by competitive friend and opponent Dale Smith, saw her on a drink driving charge after crashing her car the day after. Smith rigged the result, much to Gold’s fury, however, she walked off the charges.

Why did they stop making The Bill?

The broadcaster said that the decision to drop the series was made as part of a creative rethink of its drama schedule, which has seen the development of popular short run shows such as Collision and Above Suspicion, and not on cost-cutting grounds.

Was The Bill filmed in a real police station?

The first series of The Bill was filmed on a shoestring budget in Wapping, East London, with the interior of “Sun Hill police station” actually housed within a former cigarette packing factory.

Why did Roberta Taylor leave The Bill?

Roberta, 62, joined soap Eastenders as Irene Raymond in 1997, and then joined The Bill as feisty Gina Gold. She quit the Bill last year to concentrate on writing and other acting projects. Too Many Mothers was in the best sellers list for months, and the gravel-voiced actress was hailed for her writing by critics.

Who shot Carly Samuels The Bill?

Dwayne teamed up with Tito Morientes who had a grudge against Carly’s boyfriend Marlon for a knife attack. The pair fired on Carly and Marlon during a drive by. Marlon was unhurt but Carly was fatally wounded.

What happened to Graham Cole?

He is a Voluntary Police Cadets ambassador. Cole was awarded an OBE in 2010 for his continuing work with charities. Cole is married and has two children.