What happened between KD and Westbrook?

What happened between KD and Westbrook?

In their second matchup, Russ went off on one of his teammates. He yelled at Enes Kanter because he went to speak with Kevin Durant. Russell Westbrook clearly stood against KD for the way he left Oklahoma. Later, there were quite a few heated moments between these two and the tension was real.

Are Russell Westbrook and KD still friends?

KD and Westbrook share embrace, appear to be on good terms The two former teammates have now made multiple stops since their time together on the Oklahoma City Thunder, with Durant playing for the Warriors and now the Brooklyn Nets, and Westbrook recently being traded from the Houston Rockets to the Washington Wizards.

Are Westbrook and LeBron friends?

“AD and LeBron are friends of mine first,” Westbrook said. “Me being a teammate, it’s my job to come in and uplift them.

Are Harden and KD friends?

Durant and Harden have history. The two are good friends and even better teammates.

Does Russell Westbrook hate KD?

This week, comedian Kevin Hart released an episode of his “Cold As Balls” web series in which Westbrook said his relationship with Durant is better than it was yesterday and there’s no hate between them.

Did Kevin Durant play with Westbrook?

This is just unbelievable to me that Kevin Durant would just honestly forget he played basketball with Russell Westbrook for seven seasons.

Are Kevin Love and Russell Westbrook friends?

Although Kevin Love and Russell Westbrook have never been NBA teammates, many still connect them thanks to their year together at UCLA. Over a decade after the duo took Los Angeles, they remain friends and speak fondly of their days at school.

How long were KD and Russ teammates?

Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook spent eight seasons together on the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Where is Russell Westbrook playing?

Los Angeles LakersRussell Westbrook / Current team (#0 / Point guard)

Who do Kevin Durant and James Harden play for?

Kevin Durant, James Harden dismiss concerns over heavy minutes played for Brooklyn Nets. DALLAS — Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant understands the concern over his increased minutes, given his lengthy injury history that includes a ruptured Achilles tendon suffered two and a half years ago.

Who does Harden play for?

Brooklyn NetsJames Harden / Current team (#13 / Point guard, Shooting guard)

Does Kevin Durant like Westbrook?

Former Thunder Guard Anthony Morrow says Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook may not be the best friends, but they are like brothers. Durant felt that that most of his teammates on the Thunder should want him to be happy; after all, they did just spend eight years growing up together in the NBA.