What happened at Diamond Mountain?

What happened at Diamond Mountain?

When thirty-eight-year-old Ian Thorson died from dehydration and dysentery on a remote Arizona mountaintop in 2012, The New York Times reported the story under the headline: “Mysterious Buddhist Retreat in the Desert Ends in a Grisly Death.” Scott Carney, a journalist and anthropologist who lived in India for six years …

Where is Christie McNally now?

McNally disappeared to Kathmandu after Thorson passed away, before allegedly finding sanctuary at a Buddhist retreat in the Bahamas. Little is known of her whereabouts today. Sources close to McNally have told Carney that she currently lives in New York City, but she remains elusive.

Where is Michael Roach now?

Since then, Michael Roach has helped to found and develop the corporation Andin International, a jewelry manufacturer based in New York.

Is Geshe Michael Roach married?

Christie McNallyMichael Roach / Spouse (m. 1998–2009)

What is vajrayogini?

Vajrayogini, also called Vajravarahi, in Vajrayana (Tantric Buddhism), female embodiment of the cognitive function leading to Buddhahood. Although she may be visualized alone, she is usually in union (yab-yum) with Heruka, who, when he is united with Vajrayogini, is known as Hevajra.

Who is Red Tara?

About Red Tara She protects, nurtures, and helps practitioners on the path to enlightenment. Manifesting in many forms and in many colors to help beings, Tara’s red form represents her powers of magnetization, subjugation, and the transformation of desire into enlightened activity.

Is vajrayogini a Kali?

But Kali is not the only goddess with such attributes. In particular, Mahayana Buddhism and especially its tantric offshoot, Vajrayana, have popular goddesses like Tara, Vajrayogini and Nairatmya with many of Kali’s spiritual attributes.

Why is vajrayogini red?

Each aspect of Vajrayoginī’s form and mandala is designed to convey a spiritual meaning. For example, her brilliant red-colored body symbolizes the blazing of her tummo (candali) or “inner fire” of spiritual transformation as well as life force (Shakti), blood of birth and menstrual blood.

What Hindu god is green?

Shiva – the green God.