What does the Pandanggo dance represent?

What does the Pandanggo dance represent?

More than just a dance, the pandanggo reflects the Mindoreño’s appreciation for the simple joys of life…. Cheerful and hospitable. These are words commonly used to describe the Filipino. Whether through music, or rituals or religion, the Filipino is a race who always finds time to celebrate life’s gifts.

What type of folk dance is Pandanggo?

Pandanggo is a Philippine folk dance which has become popular in the rural areas of the Philippines. The dance evolved from Fandango, a Spanish folk dance, which arrived in the Philippines during the Hispanic period. The dance is accompanied by castanets.

What is the history of Pandanggo Rinconada?

The Pandanggo Rinconada is a staple among the Christmas veladas (evening programs or shows) in Nabua, Camarines Sur. Obviously the dance was an offshoot of the Spanish fandango that was introduced to the natives’ repertoire of festival dances.

What is the special function of Pandanggo?

Pandanggo sa Ilaw is a timeless Philippine folk dance, allegedly originating from Mindoro. This dance of lights simulates fireflies in the night by balancing lighted cups.

Who composed Pandanggo sa Ilaw?

The music to which the pandanggo sa ilaw is now commonly danced was composed by Col. Antonio R. Buenaventura, a National Artist for Music and a native of Bulacan. He wrote the music sometime in the early 1930’s while teaching at the Conservatory of Music at the University of the Philippines.

What are the 2 concept of the art of dance?

These two concepts of the art of dance—dance as a powerful impulse and dance as a skillfully choreographed art practiced largely by a professional few—are the two most important connecting ideas running through any consideration of the subject.

What is Pandanggo Rinconada dance?

This dance originated from Nabua, Camarines Sur. It is called Pandanggo Rinconada because it is a favorite dance of the people of the Rinconada district. It is dance by old and young people during Christmas season. Young boys and girls usually perform this durng veladas (programs).

What is the dance of Pangasinan?

Habasinan – From the word “haba” in habanera and “sinan” form Pangasinan is a courtship dance. 1. Pandanggo Rinconada – A festival dance from the province of Bicol depicting the happy and contented life of the people. 2. Pandanggo sa Ilaw – A dance from Mindoro using tinghoy or oil lamps placed on the top of the head and one on each hand.

What are the different dance forms in Mindoro?

6.Polka Sala – A polka dance version from Mindoro. 1. Habanera Narcisena – A Habanera named after San Narciso town in Zambales. 2. Habanera Botolena – A dance which was supposedly performed in the earlier days in honor of a departing priest. Later on it became a dance performed during social gatherings in Botolan, Zambales.