What does LM 79 mean?

What does LM 79 mean?

LM 79 is the Illuminating Engineering Society North America (IESNA) approved testing method to generate electrical and optical measurements of solid state lighting (LED) products.

What is L70 B50?

L70 B50 – at the specified hours (50,000 for example) this test shows 50% of the light sources with more than 70% light output while the remaining 50% have less than 70% of their output.

What is TM 21 LED?

What TM-21 does provide is a projection of the lumen maintenance of an LED source (package/array/module) based on data collected according to LM-80. This projection information can then be used to project the expected lumen degradation of the light source as part of a complete system (fixture).

What is B10 in lighting?

B10 : The second part B10 means a minimum of 90% of the luminaires in an installation will respond to the level of maintenance of the defined luminous flux. Example : If we have a luminous flux of 50 000 hours L80 B10, this means : after 50 000 hours 90% LEDs have a flux less than 80% of the original flux.

What does L80 B50 mean?

The value B50 indicates that the declared L-value will be achieved by minimum 50 % of the LED modules and that the remaining 50% may have a lower lumen value.

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