What do you text randomly?

What do you text randomly?

10 Random Texts To Send Your Partner When You’re Just Looking For An Excuse To Talk To Them

  • Start Some Astrology Talk.
  • Plan Your Next Vacation.
  • Share What You’re Listening To.
  • Tell Them What’s Going On Around You.
  • Give Them A Book Recommendation.
  • Share Your Next Money-Making Scheme.
  • Give Them A Hypothetical Scenario.

What should I text my crush randomly?

5 Texts To Send Your Crush When You Don’t Know How To Start A Conversation

  • Ask A Leading Question.
  • Jog Their Memory.
  • Say Something Sweet.
  • Bring Up A Shared Interest Or Experience.
  • Send An Emoji.

What are some funny random things to say in a text?

Here are some unique and funny random things to say in a text or conversation. When asked a question where you know the answer is yes, instead of saying yes, say “Does the Pope wear a tall hat?” If you are driving down the road and pass a field with hay bales laying in it, point at the field and yell “Hey”.

What are some funny things to text a girl?

By finding Funny text messages to send your female friend, you can make the bond between you grow stronger as not all girls are attracted to money. Funny things to text a girl. Photo: pixabay.com A friend like you is like a good bra… “Hard to find, Supportive, Comfortable, Always lifts you up, Makes you look better… and always close to your heart!”

Is it OK to send a funny text message?

Whether somebody’s sad or sick, or you just want to make them smile: a funny text message always does the trick! Check out the best examples here! We all love it when we get an unexpected text message. And we love it even more if that message happens to be drop-dead funny.

Did you take a screenshot of a random text message conversation?

You’ve probably received something similar to one of these odd, yet funny, texts before. If you did, you most likely took a screenshot of the conversation so you could show it to all your friends at a later time and have a good laugh! Here, we’ve collected 13 screenshots of the most random text message conversations we could find on the Internet!