What did Argyle say about interpersonal communication?

What did Argyle say about interpersonal communication?

Argyle argued that interpersonal skills can be studied and can be advanced like any other skill. In Argyle’s theory he has created a communication cycle which starts off as ideas occur which is when you think of something that you want to communicate.

What is Michael Argyle theory of communication?

The theory Argyle developed i.e. of how communication works that involved a communication cycle that consisted of 6 stages: 1) Idea First Occurs (when you have thought and you want to convey it to another person or people), 2) Message Coded (when you place your thought into a form of communication) 3) Message Sent ( …

What is Berners theory of communication?

This theory of effective communication was first developed by Charles Berner in 1965 and is when someone decides to communicate. The process involves taking action (message sent), which is then received by the other person (message received).

How is Argyle’s communication cycle effective?

Argyle’s Communication cycle can be of great use to health and social care workers. It enables them to work on their communication skills by making them understand what constitutes a good communication.

What were Michael Argyle main areas of research?

The United States Library of Congress catalog lists 44 titles of books authored, co-authored, edited, or co-edited by Michael. He himself listed as his main research interests the psychology of happiness, social skills and social competence, non-verbal communication, and the psychology of religion.

Who created the idea Michael Argyle?

It was originally established by Charles Berners in 1965. In 1967, a man named Michael Argyle claimed that human communication is essentially a two-way process that involves people sending, and responding to each other’s verbal and non-verbal messages.

What did Michael Argyle do?

PROFESSOR Michael Argyle was arguably the most internationally respected British social psychologist. He was the founder and chair of the Social Psychology Section of the BPS, and served as social psychology editor of the British Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology from 1961 to 1967.

What are the 6 stages of communication?

These are the principles we’ve come up with, broken down per step in the communication model.

  • Idea stage.
  • Encoding stage.
  • Signals stage.
  • Decoding stage.
  • Meaning stage.
  • Feedback stage.

When did Michael Argyle created the communication cycle?

Argyle made modifications in 1972 to the communication cycle initially developed by Charles Berner in 1965. The communication cycle involves six steps: someone decides to communicate an idea, encodes it, and sends it; someone else receives it, decodes it and understands it.

What did Michael Argyle’s study find about non-verbal cues vs verbal cues?

Using video tapes shown to the subjects, they analyzed the communication of submissive/dominant attitude and found that nonverbal cues had 4.3 times the effect of verbal cues, with body posture being the most powerful method of communicating superior status.