What are the activities of school health programme?

What are the activities of school health programme?

Activities such as provision of clean water and sanitation (latrines), STI and HIV prevention education, provision of reproductive health services, school-based deworming, vision screening, and vaccination programs, are a few examples of school health activities that either provide health services to school age …

What is school health programme?

School Health Programme (SHP) refers to all the aspects of the total school programme which contribute to the understanding, maintenance and improvement of the health of the population, i.e. school children and staff.

What are the four major components in the school health program?

Examples of components include health education, health services, physical education, counseling and psychological services, nutrition and food programs, a healthful and supportive school environment, work-site health promotion for school faculty and staff, and integration of school programs with a wide range of …

What is the importance of school health program?

Evaluations have found that participation in staff health-promotion programs can increase morale, improve absenteeism rates, increase participation in vigorous activity, improve physical fitness, facilitate weight loss, lower blood pressure, and improve stress-management skills.

What are the goals of school health program?

Kolbe (2002) identified the following as the goals of school health programme: Improving health knowledge, attitudes, and skills; Improving health behaviour and health outcomes; Improving educational outcomes; and improving social outcomes. …

What are the aims and objectives of school health Programme?

School health services activities are: Provision of educational and counselling opportunities for promoting and maintaining individuals, family and community health. They provide emergency care for illness and injuries. They provide and promote sanitary condition for a safe school environment.

What are the reasons for school health program?

School Health Programme will yield following benefits to the country: Reduction in drop out rate Enhancement of quality of education and learning outcomes Improvement in health conditions of young population Disease control and an overall improvement in health conditions in the society at large.

What is the importance of school health education?

Health education builds student’s knowledge, skills, and positive attitudes about health. Health education teaches about physical, mental, emotional and social health. It motivates students to improve and maintain their health, prevent disease, and reduce risky behaviours.

How can schools improve health education?

Age appropriate incremental learning for promotion of healthy behavior and prevention of various diseases….Package of Services under School Health

  1. Provision of IFA and Albendazole tablets by teachers through WIFS and NDD programme respectively.
  2. Provision of sanitary napkins.
  3. Age appropriate vaccination.

What are the goals of a coordinated School Health program?

The key objectives of the SIP Day were: (1) Provide information to all staff on the status of the grant projects, (2) Provide training on integrating physical and emotional health into personal and professional practice, and (3) Engage in activities to develop strategies geared toward ‘whole child wellness’.

Why is school health Programme important?