Is Roseway Portland safe?

Is Roseway Portland safe?

It is basically a safe neighborhood. People take good care of their homes, there are lots of gardens and the yards are kept up. Alot of people walk and bike, just like the other inner city neighborhoods. Most of the houses here are very modest and affordable if you compare to other close in neighborhoods.

Who owns Roseland?

Peter’s Room, an intimate showcase venue with a 400-person capacity, includes a restaurant and bar….Roseland Theater.

Owner Larry Hurwitz (1982–1991), Oregon Theater Management (1991–1996), David Leiken / Double Tee (1996–present)
Operator Double Tee
Type Music venue
Capacity 1,400

Is the Oregon Historical Society free?

Thank you for planning a visit to the Oregon Historical Society! The Oregon Historical Society’s research library is now scheduling appointments for in person research; please contact [email protected] or call 503.306….Admission.

Members FREE
Youth (6 – 18) $5
Children (5 & under) FREE

How many people does Roseland hold?

1,410Roseland Theater / Capacity

What historical events happened in Oregon?

1840s – Settlers begin to arrive using the Oregon Trail. 1845 – The city of Portland is established. 1846 – The United States gains control of Oregon Country from the British through the Oregon Treaty. 1848 – The Oregon Territory is formed.

Where is the Oregon Historical Society located?

downtown Portland
Located in the heart of downtown Portland and overlooking the historic South Park Blocks, the Oregon Historical Society offers the blend of the old, the new and the beautiful, creating a memorable venue for all occasions.

How many people does the Wonder Ballroom hold?

778Wonder Ballroom / Capacity (open floor)