Is Lightspeed making money?

Is Lightspeed making money?

Montreal-based Lightspeed finished its fiscal 2021 in March, showing revenue growth of 127 per cent for the year, as the company’s recurring subscription and transaction-based revenue grew by 137 per cent to $75.3 million. Total revenue was $82.4 million.

Is Lightspeed reliable?

Lightspeed is No. 7 in our rating of the Best Point-of-Sale (POS) Systems of 2021, No. 4 in the Best POS Systems for Small Businesses, and No. 5 in both Best Point-of-Sale Systems for Restaurants and Best Point-of-Sale Systems for Retail.

Who is Lightspeed owned by?

Lightspeed Commerce is a point-of-sale and e-commerce software provider based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It was founded in 2005 by Dax da Silva who also serves as the CEO of the company. It has offices in Montreal, New York, Ottawa, Santa Cruz, Toronto, Amsterdam and Ghent.

How much does Lightspeed Analytics cost?


Plan Pricing
Lean $79 per month plus $29 per additional register per month with Lightspeed Payments (when billed monthly).
Standard $139 per month plus $29 per additional register per month with Lightspeed Payments (when billed monthly).

Is Lightspeed a buy now?

That’s 140% higher than the $52 share price as of writing. The selloff wasn’t warranted, in analysts’ opinions, and long-term investors could seriously benefit. So, if you’re willing to wait and take on a bit of short-term risk, then Lightspeed could definitely be a solid buy at today’s levels.

Is Lightspeed overvalued?

After bottoming out at around $12 a share early in the pandemic, Lightspeed’s value has marched steadily higher for more than a year to nearly 10 times what it was worth in its IPO barely two years ago. Spruce Point says the company is massively overvalued, and is poised to plummet to as low as $22 a share.

Who is Lightspeed competition?

Lightspeed’s competitors Lightspeed’s top competitors include ShopKeep, Revel Systems, Skava, Epos Now, Springboard Retail and Driveline. Lightspeed is a company that provides point-of-sale and e-commerce software.

Is Lightspeed cloud based?

Lightspeed Retail is cloud-based, which means it works with your in-store wifi.

Why is Lightspeed stock down?

Lightspeed is wrestling with sluggish organic growth Restaurants and retail businesses account for the majority of Lightspeed’s customer base. These companies saw a significant sales decline amid COVID-19, which rebounded in the second half of CY 2021.

Is Lightspeed a buy?

Does Lightspeed have an API?

With the Lightspeed Retail application programming interface (API), you can expand the functionality of Lightspeed Retail with third-party application integrations. The Lightspeed Retail API: is a RESTful API.