Is Kendall Jackson chardonnay a good wine?

Is Kendall Jackson chardonnay a good wine?

Kendall Jackson Chardonnay is a beautifully balanced white wine with a creamy texture, brilliant depth, and warm tropical flavors. Produced using fine grapes from California’s cool coastal vineyards, it’s one of America’s top-selling Chardonnay for the past 28 years.

Is Kendall Jackson chardonnay sweet or dry?

Overall, Kendall Jackson Chardonnay is a tasty chardonnay with a little sweetness on the front end that I think most will enjoy. When I purchased this wine, I noticed my wine store had a lot of spaces set aside on the shelves for this wine.

Is Kendall Jackson chardonnay oaky or buttery?

Integrated tropical flavors. Aromas of vanilla and honey. Hints of toasty, buttery oak round out the finish.

Is Kendall Jackson chardonnay a dry white wine?

This Kendall-Jackson Chardonnay wine combines crisp green apple, citrus and tropical fruit notes for the perfect dry white wine that is a superb accompaniment for food. It also has flavors and aromas of pineapple, juicy pear and wildflowers.

How much alcohol is in a bottle of Kendall Jackson chardonnay?

The proprietary approach to winemaking has earned Kendall-Jackson a world-renowned reputation for white wines that consistently exhibit signature rich layers of flavor, combined with a delicate balance. This bottled wine has a 13.5% ABV.

What is the difference between Chardonnay and buttery chardonnay?

Oaked Chardonnays are rich, full-bodied and have additional flavors of vanilla, butter and even caramel from the oak. A cool climate, buttery Chardonnay will have more citrus flavors versus a warm climate Chardonnay, which will have more tropical fruit flavors.

What is a good bottle of Chardonnay?

Take a trip around the world with this list of the best chardonnays to drink right now.

  • Best Overall: 2018 Benovia Chardonnay Russian River.
  • Best Under $20: 2019 Avalon Chardonnay.
  • Best Under $50: 2018 Flora Springs Family Select Chardonnay.
  • Best Under $100: 2017 Maison Champy Pernand-Vergelesses En Caradeux Premier Cru.

What is a good Chardonnay wine?

Best Chardonnay Brands

  • #1. Chateau St. Michelle Chardonnay.
  • #2. Ferrari-Carano Chardonnay.
  • #3. J Lohr Riverstone Chardonnay, 2019.
  • #4. Katherine’s Vineyard, 2018 Cambria Chardonnay.
  • #5. Kendall Jackson Chardonnay.
  • #6. Sonoma Coast La Crema Chardonnay.
  • #7. River Road Chardonnay Sonoma.
  • #8. Bogle Chardonnay.