Is Curiel dead?

Is Curiel dead?

Deceased (1914–1978)Henri Curiel / Living or Deceased

Did Whitebeard beat Akainu?

Whitebeard literally lost half of his face after fighting Akainu. It’s quite impressive that he still managed to badly injure Akainu even at a dying age but he can’t beat him in his current state. There’s no doubt that prime Whitebeard is stronger than Akainu by a huge margin, but his old self is a different story.

Who is Whitebeards sniper?

Curiel is one of the gutsier commanders as he challenged a Warlord and, later, an Admiral by himself during the war.

Is Sakazuki dead?

Akainu continued fighting Whitebeard and Whitebeard Pirates until Luffy was with the help of his allies was able to save Ace from his execution. Akainu taunted Ace into fighting him and Akainu attempted to kill Luffy. However, Ace suffered a fatal blow from Akainu and dies.

What happened diamond JOZU?

Sometime after Ace had been freed, Jozu was carried away to the escape ship by his comrades, specifically by Blenheim, another division commander, where he was eventually thawed out. However, he was not present during both Ace and Whitebeard’s deaths.

Is Shanks stronger than Akainu?

Akainu is stronger than if not ON PAR with shanks. Especially after the time skip where Akainu is now the fleet Admiral after an incredible display of strength (Vs Aokiji), with command over 3 Admirals….

Is Garp stronger than Akainu?

monkey d garp is a legendary marine who is considered to be one of the few who could rival the pirate king gol d roger along with whitebeard. akainu is strong no doubt,but he is no match for garp.

Is Yassop Ussop father?

Yasopp, known as “Chaser”, is the sniper and an Officer of the Red Hair Pirates. He is also the father of Usopp and the widower of Banchina.

What Happened to Baby 5 after Dressrosa?

After most of the Donquixote Pirates’ officers were defeated, Pica preyed on the wounded, then later attempted to crush Baby 5 for betraying the crew, but Sai pushed Baby 5 out of the way and got crushed instead.

Did Jozu get his arm back?

Later, Jozu was completely frozen solid by Aokiji, losing an arm in the process. Though he was incapacitated, he survived.

Is Jozu a Logia?

Jozu isn’t logia because logia can’t be solid. He could not turn his complete body.