Is Bear from NEEDTOBREATHE married?

Is Bear from NEEDTOBREATHE married?

Mary ReamesBear Rinehart / Spouse

Why did Bear leave NEEDTOBREATHE?

For the past 20 years, Rinehart had performed with his brother Bo Rinehart at his side. But shortly before the release of their last studio album in 2020, the guitarist decided to step away from the band. The departure, coupled with the realities of the pandemic, forced the band to approach music-making in new ways.

How many kids does Bear Rinehart have?

three sons
Rinehart is married to Mary Reames who together have three sons, Wilder Rinehart, Woods Rinehart, and Waters Rinehart.

How old is Bear from NEEDTOBREATHE?

41 years (September 6, 1980)Bear Rinehart / Age


Though frequently tagged as a Christian-rock band because of their initial successes in Christian radio markets, Needtobreathe resist that categorization because of the challenges it presents to non-evangelical listeners.

Why did Bo Rinehart leave NEEDTOBREATHE?

After three years of study, in a somewhat unexpected turn, I left to pursue a full time career in my other passion, writing and music, performing with NEEDTOBREATHE.

Is NEEDTOBREATHE back together?

Unfortunately, thanks to COVID-19, that’s not going to happen, at least until mid-2021. That’s a big adjustment for a band that’s used to being on the road more than they’re at home. “We’ve basically been on tour for 20 years,” Lovelace says with a laugh.

Who is NEEDTOBREATHE new guitarist?

Tyler Burkum
The band is composed of Bear Rinehart (lead vocals, guitar, piano), Seth Bolt (backing vocals, bass), Josh Lovelace (backing vocals, keys), Randall Harris (drums, percussion) and Tyler Burkum (guitar)….

Years active 2001–present
Labels Lava Atlantic Sparrow Word Elektra

Who writes the songs for NEEDTOBREATHE?

Original songs

Title Written by Originally by
Let Us Love Bo Rinehart, Bear Rinehart NEEDTOBREATHE
More Heart, Less Attack Bo Rinehart, Bear Rinehart NEEDTOBREATHE
More Time Bo Rinehart, Bear Rinehart NEEDTOBREATHE
Riding High Trent Dabbs, Bo Rinehart, Bear Rinehart, Cason Cooley, Seth Bolt, Josh Lovelace NEEDTOBREATHE

What is Bo from NEEDTOBREATHE doing?