Is Atlanta Gas Light a good company to work for?

Is Atlanta Gas Light a good company to work for?

Atlanta Gas Light is a very good company to work for on a local level. The local offices, co-workers, and managers were very much worth working with. They went out of their way on many occasions to help a fellow co-worker with issues or troubles that came along.

Is Georgia natural gas the same as Atlanta Gas Light?

AGL’s retail division is Georgia Natural Gas (GNG), and is one of around a dozen remaining resellers. The wholesale division was known as Atlanta Gas Light Services (AGLS) for some time.

Is Atlanta Gas Light Part of Southern Company?

Distribution operations. Southern Company Gas distribution operations feature seven utilities that deliver natural gas to approximately 4.5 million customers and is the largest component of the business. Sells natural gas service to residential, commercial and industrial customers; excluding Atlanta Gas Light.

Is Gas South and Atlanta Gas Light the same company?

In Georgia’s deregulated natural gas industry, AGL is the distributor, Gas South is a marketer, and you are the end-user.

What happened to AGL Resources?

In 2016, Southern Company acquired AGL Resources and renamed it Southern Company Gas.

How do I contact Atlanta Gas Light?

To get general information about Atlanta Gas Light, contact our parent company by calling 404.584.4000, or write to P.O. Box 4569 Atlanta, GA 30302-4569. Call 877.427.4321. We’re here 24 hours a day.

What can the Atlanta Gas Light speakers’ bureau offer you?

Our speakers’ bureau can provide Atlanta Gas Light experts to talk to school groups, civic organizations and other groups. Topics we can cover include safety, careers in the natural gas industry, conservation tips and the advantages of gas appliances. Call us at 404.584.4915 to learn more.

Is the utilities protection center of Georgia 24 hours a day?

We’re here 24 hours a day. Even with small projects, like planting trees and shrubs, it’s important to call us before you dig to make sure you’re not digging where there are gas lines or other utility lines. In Georgia, just dial 811 – or 800.282.7411 – to reach the Utilities Protection Center of Georgia.