How much light does a Kenya tree coral need?

How much light does a Kenya tree coral need?

Lighting & Flow Requirements: The Kenya Tree Coral requires moderate water flow and low to moderate lighting (PAR 80-250). T5’s, Metal Halides, or LED’s can all grow Kenya Tree Corals when the proper PAR levels are provided. We recommend a 14-20K color spectrum for best coloration.

Do Kenya tree corals shed?

Like most Leather corals, Kenya Tree corals will routinely shed a “mucous tunic” to clear itself of algae, debris, etc. This is generally observed by the colony closing for a period of hours to a few days, followed by a shedding of a thin clear film that may take one to several days to complete.

How do I get rid of Kenyan tree?

You could try cutting them as close to the base as you can with some scissors and then smother the remaining tissue with some epoxy. Being that this only takes a few seconds to do though I would just let them grow and then repeat this process every so often.

Can you bring coral on a plane?

Live corals in water and a clear transparent container are allowed after inspection by the TSA officer.

Is coral illegal?

The US: It is illegal to harvest (with the exception of the highly regulated Hawaiian black corals) or to export any corals from the US . The Lacey Act imposes civil and criminal penalties on a federal level for taking, possessing, transporting, or selling corals (and other wildlife) that have been taken illegally.

Is Kenya Tree Coral Hardy?

It is a hardy soft coral tolerant of less-than-ideal conditions. Once established, the Kenya Tree Coral demonstrates vigorous growth making it a great choice for softening rockwork or filling empty reef aquarium landscapes with its lovely tree-like appearance.

What is Kenya Tree Coral (Capnella spp)?

The Kenya tree coral ( Capnella spp.) is a hardy soft coral species tolerant of a range of living conditions. This makes it great for beginner aquarists. In terms of color, this rapidly growing soft coral species might appear somewhat drab. They’re generally available in shades of brown, gold, or even pink.

What is the common name for a Kenya coral?

Common Names: Kenya tree coral, Capnella coral, Cauliflower coral, Nepthea coral, Nephthya coral, Colt coral Care Level Difficulty: Easy – Suitable for beginners and early tanks

What happens if you don’t prune a Kenya Tree Coral?

Branches or buds will detach, float away and grow anywhere and everywhere. The corals grow so rapidly they may overtake slower-growing coral species if you are not careful and fail to prune back the growth. You may never rid your tank of the Kenya tree coral once introduced; they are THAT prolific.