How much is an RGN trailer?

How much is an RGN trailer?

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Make Model Price
Load King 352 DFP $17,500
Trail King RGN 50 $29,500
Etnyre Blackhawk $31,000
Witzco Challengar RG50 $10,900

What does RGN stand for on a trailer?

removable gooseneck trailer
You need the right trailer for the job, but which one is best for your job: a traditional lowboy trailer or removable gooseneck trailer (RGN)? Both lowboys and RGNs are commercial trailers known for their impressive hauling capacity, especially when it comes to moving tall, heavy freight.

How much does an RGN trailer weigh?

Trailer Specifications

Trailer Type # of Axles Max Weight
RGN 10 120,000 lbs
RGN 19 200,000 lbs
SF 6 55,000 lbs
SD 5 52,000 lbs

How many axles does a lowboy have?

Removable Gooseneck Lowboy (RGN) RGNs can have as many as 20 axles giving them the power to carry as much as 150,000 pounds of cargo. They come in handy when the cargo needs to be pulled, pushed, rolled, or driven onto the trailer bed. You may also load bulkier, heavier items from above if need be.

What are RGN loads?

Removable gooseneck (RGN) trailers are similar to standard lowboys, but you can separate the main deck from the gooseneck to create a ramp, making it easier to load equipment with tracks or wheels. However, because of the removable gooseneck, RGN trailers are also an excellent choice for oversize and overweight loads.

What does RGN mean?


Acronym Definition
RGN Region
RGN Registered General Nurse
RGN Routing Group Name
RGN RNA-Guided Nucleases (biomedicine)

What is the difference between lowboy and RGN?

Here are the main differences between a lowboy and an RGN trailer: Gooseneck. Notable characteristics of an RGN are that it can be detached from the front unlike with a lowboy trailer. This is unlike for a lowboy trailer that load the cargo from rear.

How tall can an RGN haul?

RGN. The double drop with detachable deck also known as RGN accommodates freight with the maximum legal weight of 44,000 lbs. Maximum Legal Acceptable Weights (Pounds): 44,000 lbs. Maximum Legal Acceptable Dimensions (Feet – Inches): Length: 29 feet, Width: 8.5 feet, (102”), Height: 12 feet (144”)1.

What is the length of an RGN?

20′ – 40′
When talking about RGN trailer dimensions, you need to remember that goosenecks can also be double drops and lowboys. So, RGN trailer specs can fluctuate quite a bit. That being said, the typical RGN trailer can have a length anywhere from 20′ – 40′, a height of 18” – 5′, and a width generally around 8.5′.

What is the max height for a lowboy trailer?

A lowboy, which has two axles, carries cargo up to 12 feet high and with a load capacity of 70,000 pounds. In comparison, a step deck trailer has a maximum height of 10 feet for the main deck and 8.5 feet for the front deck. This type of trailer can haul up to 48,000 pounds of cargo.

What is difference between RGN and lowboy?