How much does it cost to start a rabbit farm in Nigeria?

How much does it cost to start a rabbit farm in Nigeria?

According to Olatinwo Dayo of Aghub, an Ibadan-based company, getting a rabbit business off the ground and completed from start to finish would cost about N45,000 to N100,000. According to Jerry, a Jos-based rabbit farmer, who has been in the business for three years, rabbit farming has a lot of turnovers.

Is rabbit farming profitable in Nigeria?

Rabbit Farming in Nigeria is a very profitable venture in Nigeria since Rabbit meat needs no overemphasized introduction and over-imposed marketing. Rabbit meat is the meat choice in a lot of homes, and even at joints, Restaurants and so on.

Is there market for rabbits in Nigeria?

Rabbit farming has been very profitable for those involved in it in Nigeria. Although this is not very common, you can get into without investing a lot of capital one business. Rabbit is seen as one of those animals that are dynamic and can be used for a lot of things, thereby increasing its market value.

How much does a mature rabbit cost?

Common breeds of rabbits usually cost around $50 or lower. Rare rabbit breeds may cost as much as $100. Because rabbits breed quickly, they are generally not as expensive as some other animals….Breeder.

American Rabbit: $20 – $50
Dutch Rabbit: $20 – $40
Flemish Giant Rabbit: $50 – $100
Harlequin Rabbit: $50 – $100

Is rabbit business lucrative in Nigeria?

Did you know that rabbit meat is getting more popular, and thus, rabbit breeding is becoming one of the top lucrative business ideas in Nigeria? Over one million tons of rabbit meat is consumed every year. That`s a great source of income in Africa and especially in Nigeria.

How do Nigerian rabbit farmers make money?

Outlets which trade in rabbit and other animal feeds and supplements make good money on daily basis. There are even individuals without shops who supply hay to farmers on regular basis. They relieve the farmers of the task of going into the bush to fetch grasses and get paid for it by the farmers.

How do Nigerians feed rabbits?

Give them fresh feed twice a day; once in the morning and plenty at night. Grass: Rabbits eat all kinds of grasses such as guinea grass, elephant grass, maize and millet leaves. Trees: There are many tree leaves rabbits will eat such as banana, mango, moringa. Fruit: Rabbits love fruit.

How much profit does a rabbit farmer make?

The average Rabbit Breeder in the US makes $37,960. The average bonus for a Rabbit Breeder is $513 which represents 1% of their salary, with 100% of people reporting that they receive a bonus each year.

Is rabbit farming profitable?

Rabbit farming is more convenient and profitable than farming in most of other animals, because to start off entails just little capital with a small space, and it is an animal that is very prolific. Starting with just 2 does and 1 buck, within one year could give you 50 rabbits or more.

How much does a continental giant rabbit cost?

BUYING CONTI’S IN USA You can currently expect to pay between $300.00 – $500.00 per Continental Giant. Add to that your trip expenses, if you go pick it up yourself – or transporter fees, if you have it shipped to you. Some breeders may even offer to hand-deliver to you (either by ground or air).

How much money can you make selling rabbits?

On the other hand, if you plan your marketing right (cough cough, easter and fair time), you can sell your live rabbits for anywhere from $20 to $100 depending on the purpose and quality of your stock.

Is there money in raising rabbits?

Raising rabbits for profit can be hard work, and it is certainly not a “get-rich-quick” venture. But for a person with good stewardship skills who isn’t afraid of a little hard work, it can be a very rewarding, and yes, even profitable way to make a living.

How to start a rabbit farm in Nigeria?

When you have decided to start your rabbit farming in Nigeria – think about the type of farming you prefer to run. There are a lot of factors that can determine your method of rearing, like protection from the sun, cost, spaciousness, and access to light. There are two primary types of rabbit production popular in Nigeria.

Is rabbit farming a profitable business in Africa?

Rabbit rearing is popular amongst Nigerians and the whole Africa. You can rear rabbits not only for meat but their fur can also be sold. There is always a market for rabbits in Africa. Therefore, you will not lack clients as farming is a profitable venture. It can be not your full-day business.

What do you need to know about rabbit farming?

Large scale rabbit farming will require employing labor for the upkeep and maintenance of the farm. Unlike other livestock production, you can employ any individual who can give proper care to the rabbits. However as the owner of the farm, it is important to acquire continuous knowledge, skills and new methods of rearing rabbits.

What are the risks of rabbit farming?

Risks of Rabbit Farming. You should construct rabbits` cages difficult to be penetrated by intruders. Rabbits can be eaten or killed by almost any other animal. Therefore, insects, soldier ants, and snakes can easily destroy rabbit breeds. Infections can easily destroy your rabbit farming business.