How many wards are in Minneapolis?

How many wards are in Minneapolis?

The Minneapolis City Council represents the city’s thirteen districts called wards.

What Ward is Uptown Minneapolis?

Ward 10
Located in central Minneapolis, Ward 10 is a vibrant place to live, work and play. We have great neighborhoods, unique shops, and excellent restaurants, theaters and music venues. Ward 10, or Uptown, named after another famous and prosperous district of that name in Chicago.

Where is the 4th Ward in Minneapolis?

Council Member LaTrisha Vetaw represents Ward 4, which is located in the northern most part of the city.

Where is the Third Ward in Minneapolis?

Council Member Michael Rainville represents Ward 3, which includes neighborhoods in Downtown, Northeast Minneapolis, and Marcy-Holmes.

What Ward is Longfellow neighborhood?

About Ward 9 – City of Minneapolis.

What Ward is Whittier in Minneapolis?

Whittier, Minneapolis

City Council Ward 10
• Council Member Lisa Bender

Who is Jeremiah Ellison in Minneapolis?

Jeremiah Bey Ellison is an American serving as a member of the Minneapolis City Council, representing Ward 5. Ellison is a member of the Minnesota Democratic–Farmer–Labor Party.

What Ward is the North Loop in?

3rd Ward
From the North Loop, Mill District and Downtown East to the neighborhoods of Northeast Minneapolis and Marcy-Holmes near the U of M, the 3rd Ward is critically important to the city’s economic strength and cultural identity.

What Ward is Powderhorn Minneapolis?

Ward 9
Ward 9 includes sites like Powderhorn Park, the Little Earth housing project (where the historic American Indian Movement got its start), South High School, Mercado Central, and the Somali Museum of Minnesota. The border of the ward reaches the northeast corner of George Floyd Square.

Did Longfellow live in Minnesota?

Built in 1907, the house was neither seen nor lived in by Longfellow (who died in 1882), but was the home of an admiring Minneapolis businessman named Robert “Fish” Jones….

Longfellow House
Type House
Architectural style Colonial
Location Minneapolis, Minnesota
Current tenants Park Board Interpretive Center