How many state lakes are in Kansas?

How many state lakes are in Kansas?

More than 120,000 lakes and ponds throughout Kansas are impoundments—created with artificial barriers, such as dams and dikes. Most are small, private farm ponds less than an acre in size. The larger public lakes include the 24 large reservoirs and more than 580 owned by state and local governments.

What is the nicest lake in Kansas?

15 Best Lakes in Kansas

  1. Wilson Lake; Russell & Lincoln Counties.
  2. Milford Lake; Geary, Clay & Dickinson Counties.
  3. Tuttle Creek Lake; Pottawatomie, Riley & Marshall Counties.
  4. Perry Lake; Jefferson County.
  5. Kanopolis Lake; Ellsworth County.
  6. Clinton Lake; Douglas County.
  7. El Dorado Lake; Butler County.
  8. Big Hill Lake; Labette County.

What is the clearest lake in Kansas?

Wilson Lake, Kansas
Wilson Lake, Kansas – The clearest lake in Kansas!

What are the three biggest lakes in Kansas?

The 10 Largest Lakes In Kansas

Rank Kansas Lake Area in square kilometres
1 Milford Lake 64
2 Waconda Lake 51
3 Tuttle Creek Lake 50
4 Perry Lake 44.52

Where is the biggest lake in Kansas?

Milford Lake
Milford Lake, also known as Milford Reservoir, is the largest man-made lake in Kansas with 15,700 acres (64 km2) of water….

Milford Lake
Settlements Junction City, Wakefield, Milford

What is the oldest lake in Kansas?

Kanopolis Lake
Kanopolis Lake is a reservoir in Ellsworth County, in the Smoky Hills of the state of Kansas. It is one of the oldest man-made lakes, built between 1940 and …

What is the deepest lake in Kansas?

Tuttle Creek Lake

Tuttle Creek Lake
Max. depth 15 m (50 ft)
Water volume 0.41 km3 (0.098 cu mi) (normal level)
Shore length1 160 km (100 mi)
Surface elevation 328 m (1075 ft)

What’s the biggest lake in Kansas City?

Lake Inman is the largest natural lake in Kansas….Lakes and reservoirs by size.

Name Milford Lake
Capacity in acre feet (normal pool) 351,577
surface acres (normal pool) 15,709 acres (6,357 ha)
maximum depth 65 feet (20 m)
comments 21,000 acres (8,500 ha) of recreational land

What natural lakes are in Kansas?

Natural lakes

  • Cheyenne Bottoms 15,500 acres (6,300 ha) of wetland and marsh in 41,000 acres (17,000 ha) lowland.
  • Lake Inman.
  • Lake View Lake.
  • Quivira National Wildlife Refuge 7,000 acres (2,800 ha) of wetland and marsh in 22,135 acres (8,958 ha) refuge.

What is the smallest lake in Kansas?

Clinton Lake (Kansas)

Clinton Lake
Primary outflows Wakarusa River
Catchment area 367 sq mi (950 km2)
Basin countries United States
Managing agency U.S. Army Corps of Engineers