How long does the snow season last in Queenstown?

How long does the snow season last in Queenstown?

Offering one of the longest seasons in the Southern Hemisphere, Queenstown welcomes skiers and snowboarders from June to October. Our four ski areas offer unrivalled alpine scenery, world class infrastructure and fantastically varied open and treeless terrain, each with its own unique character.

Is there snow in Queenstown all year?

July – October are the best seasons for snow in and around Queenstown. Outside of these months its possible to get some ‘freak’ snowfalls both in the mountains and in town but these are rare especially in the Summer months of January – March.

Does Queenstown snow in June?

In June, in Queenstown, New Zealand, it is snowing for 2.7 days. Throughout June, 41mm (1.61″) of snow is accumulated.

What months are ski season in New Zealand?

Skiing in New Zealand The New Zealand ski season typically kicks off in the South Island from mid to late June and finishes in October, while the North Island season starts and finishes a little later.

Is there still snow in Queenstown in September?

Although there is still usually plenty of snow around in September, the later in the month you get, it gets ‘slushy’ with the warming weather and is not at its best. The Queenstown/Wanaka skifields often struggle to stay open until the end of the school holidays in early October unless it is an exceptional snow year.

Where can I find snow in Queenstown?

The region’s four ski areas are all within a handy 20-90 minute drive of Queenstown. The Remarkables, Coronet Peak, Cardona Alpine Resort, and Treble Cone typically open from mid-June to September with opening dates confirmed after the first snowfall. Each mountain offers a range of terrain for all levels.

Does it snow in Wanaka?

Queenstown and Wanaka both often have snow on the ground in the middle of winter.

How much does it snow in Queenstown?

Queenstown experiences some seasonal variation in monthly snowfall. The snowy period of the year lasts for 2.2 months, from May 31 to August 5, with a sliding 31-day snowfall of at least 1.0 inches. The month with the most snow in Queenstown is June, with an average snowfall of 1.5 inches.

When is the Queenstown ski season?

The Queenstown, New Zealand ski season runs from late June to early October. Queenstown has four unique mountain terrains to choose from – all a short drive from Queenstown’s town center.

What are the different types of Queenstown ski passes?

Queenstown ski passes range from single day, single ski area passes to season passes allowing unlimited access to multiple Queenstown ski fields. For information on local conditions, snow reports and forecasts see our snow reports and forecasts page.

What are the most popular Queenstown Winter events?

Here are some of the most popular annual Queenstown winter events. The Queenstown Winter Festival is easily the biggest event during the Queenstown ski season.

How cold does it get in Queenstown NZ at night?

Queenstown winter temperatures Temperatures during winter in Queenstown usually range from 5-8°C in the day time. The nights are often cold and frosty with the temperature dropping to -2°C on cold nights. The days are short and crisp, but provide incredible blue skies and fresh crisp mornings.