How fast does a RZR 570 go?

How fast does a RZR 570 go?

At our age the 55 mph speed limiter is quite fine. Rides well and up until now has treated us well with only a minor issue which the dealer is looking into correcting soon.

How do I get more ground clearance on my Polaris Ranger?

The easiest and cheapest way to make your Polaris Ranger ride higher above the ground is to simply adjust the shocks. Although this might not be the best solution with older Polaris Ranger models, many of the newer Polaris Ranger editions come with adjustable shocks.

Is RZR 570 a good machine?

The RZR 570 surprised us on our initial ride last summer. We were more than impressed with the power output from the single-cylinder engine. It has great response and strong bottom-end acceleration. The RZR 570’s suspension more than handles a day’s worth of any terrain the vehicle can reach.

How much can a RZR 570 tow?

RZR 570 / 570 EPS

Gross Vehicle Weight 1800 lbs. (816.5 kg) Base Model 1876 lbs. (851 kg) LE Model
Receiver Hitch Towing Capacity (15° grade) 850 lbs. (386 kg)
Maximum Towing Speed 10 MPH (16 km/h)
Fuel Capacity 7 gal. (26.5 l)
Engine Oil Capacity 2 qts. (1.9 l)

How do I get more clearance on my UTV?

The most popular option to increase ATV ground clearance is to get bigger ATV tires. Other popular options to consider are getting longer shocks, or an ATV lift kit to increase ground clearance. You could also look into high clearance A arms and getting a full body skid plate.

How much does a RZR 570 cost?

2021 Polaris RZR Trail 570 Specs

MSRP: $10,999
Tires, Front/Rear: Ancla All-terrain; 25×8-12 / 25×10-12
Length: 107.5 in.
Width: 50.0 in.
Height: 69.0 in.