How does the Tainter gate work?

How does the Tainter gate work?

The Tainter gate is a type of radial arm floodgate used in dams and canal locks to control water flow. When a Tainter gate is closed, water bears on the convex (upstream) side. When the gate is rotated, the rush of water passing under the gate helps to open and close the gate.

What is trunnion friction?

When a spillway radial gates is operated, friction at the trunnion pin is transferred as an axial compressive force and bending into the gate arms. For large trunnion pins, this failure mode will be more critical because trunnion pin friction will result in more resistance to the gate being opened.

How does a radial gate work?

A radial (or taintor) gate acts similar to a section of a drum. Pressure is transferred from the curved face through the horizontal support beams to the radial arms at the sides of the opening. The arms act as columns and transfer thrust to a common bearing located on either side of the gate opening.

Who invented the Tainter gate?

Jeremiah Burnham
Tainter, Jeremiah Burnham 1836 – 1920. inventor of the Tainter Gate.

What does Tainter mean?

1 : to become affected with putrefaction : spoil. 2 obsolete : to become weak. taint. noun.

What are floodgates used for?

Floodgates are built at the end of storm sewers. During high water, floodgates prevent river water from backing through the sewer into the cities.

What is the advantage of radial gate over rectangular gates?

Radial gates are preferred for spillways. Their advantages are: The absence of gate slots. The gate thrust is transmitted to only two bearings which can be located out of the water.

What is a crest gate?

The Crest Gate is a spillway style gate used for water level control and trash sluicing. It consists of a reinforced leaf with bottom hinges mounted to the waterway floor. The gate is opened and closed by rotating about these hinges. In the lowered position, the gate leaf conforms to the profile of the spillway crest.

Is Tainter a Scrabble word?

No, taintor is not in the scrabble dictionary.

What is the definition of floodgate?

Definition of floodgate 1 : a gate for shutting out, admitting, or releasing a body of water : sluice. 2 : something serving to restrain an outburst opened the floodgates of criticism.

Why are radial gates used?

The Radial Gate (also called Tainter Gate) is a different type of floodgate used to control the water flow through dams’ spillways and river barrage.

What is a Tainter gate?

The Tainter gate is a type of radial arm floodgate used in dams and canal locks to control water flow. It is named for Wisconsin structural engineer Jeremiah Burnham Tainter.

What is the function of the trunnion arms in a gate?

The straight sides of the pie shape, the trunnion arms, extend back from each end of the cylinder section and meet at a trunnion which serves as a pivot point when the gate rotates. Pressure forces on a submerged body act perpendicular to the body’s surface.

What factors affect the design of a Tainter gate?

A critical factor in Tainter gate design is the amount of stress transferred from the skinplate through the radial arms and to the trunnion, with calculations pertaining to the resulting friction encountered when raising or lowering the gate.

How do tainter gates work in dams?

The US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) uses Tainter gates in all but its oldest river dams. During a flood, these gates will be lifted so that the support arm is almost vertical. That is, the skin plate will be lifted completely out of the flow of water.