How do you wear whisper choice pad?

How do you wear whisper choice pad?

How to use a sanitary pad

  1. Wash your hands – Ensuring hygiene is the first and the most important step.
  2. Unwrap the pad – Remove the sanitary pad from its wrapper.
  3. If the pad has wings, remove the adhesive from the wings and fold those around the outside of the panty to keep it in place.
  4. Dispose the unwanted wrapping.

What is the right way to wear a pad?

Stick the pad in your underwear using the sticky strip on the back. Some reusable pads are held in place with snaps or the elastic in your underwear. Change your pad every few hours, or when it’s soaked with blood. Wrap used pads in the wrapper or toilet paper and throw them in the trash.

Which pad is best in Whisper?

Whisper Ultra Clean gives you our No. 1 Hygenic Protection. It has a germ-lock technology which locks upto 100% wetness, odour & germs. Its nearly 40% Longer for a longer lasting coverage so that you can be worry free during your periods.

How do you sleep on your period with a pad?

To get the most out of your sanitary towel, make sure you change your pad just before you go to bed. Our night time pads give up to 10 hours of protection, so putting one on just before you sleep will mean you’re covered for the maximum amount of time. Positioning is key when figuring out how to sleep on your period .

Why do girls wear pads?

Some girls prefer pads because they’re easy to use and it’s easier to remember when to change them because you can see them getting soaked with blood. And some girls with heavy periods use tampons together with pads or pantiliners for added protection against leaking. their menstrual flow.

How do you wear two pads at once?

Taking Extra Precautions. The best way to prevent leaks is simple; just apply one pad as it is, and apply a second pad . i.e,apply one pad in the start of your underwear, and another one in the end. Carry an extra bag of supplies just in case.

Is it OK to wear 2 pads?

If you have a very heavy flow, you can wear two pads to avoid any embarrassment. But if you do have easy access to a washroom, then changing regularly would be a better option.

Is it OK to wear a pad for 24 hours?

4 You can wear a pad overnight or for six hours or more during the day. If you have a heavy flow, you will need to change it more often and bring along supplies when you are away from home. You may find that the pad develops an odor after several hours, so you may want to change it for that reason.

Can I use a diaper for my period?

Yes, you can. Adult diapers are excellent for containing bodily fluids and work no differently than pads do for periods. Adult diapers are bit more noticeable under form fitting clothes, but as long as you wore looser clothes during your period, no one would know.

How do I use whisper?

How to use Whisper pads with wings:

  1. Wash your hands.
  2. Remove the pad from the wrapper.
  3. Press the sticky side of the pad firmly into the crotch of your underwear so that it fits snugly.
  4. Remove the paper backing covering the wings.
  5. Wrap the wings around the underside of your underwear.