How do you use dark seer in Dota 2?

How do you use dark seer in Dota 2?


  1. Use Surge on.
  2. Surge’s haste makes it hard for the enemies to lock down Dark Seer as they cannot slow him, so he can push or farm safely.
  3. Use Surge on yourself before initiating teamfights since it may help you find a good spot to blink from.
  4. Use Surge on allies to help them escape or catch up with enemies as well.

Is Dark Seer a support?

Dark Seer is a pointy-headed, support-heavy offlaner that currently holds a 54% win rate in every skill bracket.

Who counters Dark Seer?

Dark SeerCounters

Hero Dis. Matches Played
Faceless Void 2.82% 25,572
Leshrac 2.75% 5,902
Ursa 2.63% 21,290
Enigma 2.47% 12,340

Is Dark Seer ranged?

Ish’kafel, the Dark Seer, is a melee intelligence hero who relies on his abilities’ potent utility and synergy. In lane he is sustained by high armor and enabled by his Ion Shell and Surge.

How do you beat the Dark Seer?

Vacuum destroys trees in a small AoE. Use this against enemies who like Blinking/hiding in the trees. If the enemy has spells that can quickly kill your creeps, cast Ion Shell on their creeps instead. Place one on the enemy melee creep tanking the least aggro from your creeps to get the most damage.

Is Dark Seer Vacuum a stun?

900 distance moved: 300 damage, 350 knockback distance, 1.125s knockback duration, 2.25s stun duration.

Can Greaves dispel silence?

Eul’s is a cheap, but effective, way of purging off Global Silence. Lotus Orb, Manta Style, and Guardian Greaves are also basic dispels that can purge it off.

Is dark seer good Dota 2?

14. Dark Seer is one of the most flexible and effective utility heroes in DOTA. Often a phase one ban in Pro games, he offers his team a fantastic mix of escape, team fight and pushing power. He can work in almost any lane, solo or jungle.

Is dark seer a good hero?

Dark Seer is a semi-support hero, most focused on AoE Battles. He is able to farm safely due to Ion Shell which can also be used to damage his enemies.

Is dark seer hard to play solo?

Dark Seer struggles to get denies as a solo, so hard carries like Anti-Mage or Faceless Void will still be able to get the farm they need. Due to his excellent starting armour, Dark Seer is more vulnerable to nukers than right-click in the early game. Still, with care you should still prove extremely difficult to bring down.

What are the best items for dark seer?

Iron Branch boosts Dark Seer’s attributes, builds up to a Magic Wand and/or Mekansm later on and can be paired with Tango for more healing. Enchanted Mango gives health regeneration and can restore mana in a pinch, before Dark Seer acquires Soul Ring.