How do you smoke ss13?

How do you smoke ss13?

To smoke:

  1. If you need to, take it out of your cigarette packet.
  2. Light it. A common method is click on it with a lit lighter, but there are special messages for using a lit welder, a cakehat, a burning person – experiment!
  3. Equip it.

How do you build ss13?

To make:

  1. Click on the metal and choose choose Computer terminal frame.
  2. Wrench the frame into place.
  3. Insert the computer mainboard.
  4. Use the screwdriver.
  5. Insert the peripheral cards (up to 2).
  6. Add wires.
  7. Insert the storage drive.
  8. Use the glass on the frame.

How do you deconstruct a wall in ss13?

Breaking down a reinforced wall.

  1. Cut the outer rods with a pair of wirecutters.
  2. Remove the support lines with a screwdriver.
  3. Slice the metal cover with a welder.
  4. Pry the cover off with a crowbar.
  5. Cut the support rods with a wrench.
  6. Remove the support rods with a welder.
  7. Pry the outer sheath off with a crowbar.

How do you dance in ss13?

For a list ingame, use the ‘Hotkeys’ command in the command bar….Emotes.

CTRL + A *salute
CTRL + D *dance
CTRL + E *eyebrow
CTRL + F *fart
CTRL + G *gasp

How do you play Cargo Tech ss13?

Basically you load and unload crates, order things for people, deliver orders, make things with the autolathe and ghost-ride the MULE. It’s fun and easy. Bare minimum requirements: Pull full crates out of the cargo shuttle, and push empty crates back into it.

How do you break a reinforced glass in ss13?

Breaking a reinforced wall Method: Use items one at a time on the wall to tear it to pieces, remember to turn the welding torch on when you use it and use eye protection. Ready for this? Wirecutters, screwdriver, welder, crowbar, wrench, welder, crowbar, screwdriver, wirecutters, wrench, screwdriver.

How do you talk in ss13?

How do I talk? To speak to fellow players, type Say, press spacebar, and write your message. Press Enter. To speak on your headset, type Say, press spacebar, type a ;, then write your message.

How do you scream in ss13?

For a list ingame, use the ‘Hotkeys’ command in the command bar….Emotes.

CTRL + A *salute
CTRL + N *nod
CTRL + Q *wave
CTRL + R *flip
CTRL + S *scream

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