How do you do a Chinese wedding tea ceremony?

How do you do a Chinese wedding tea ceremony?

The mother of the groom is then served by the groom, then by the bride. The same order is followed for grandparents and other relatives. Address the family members you are serving tea to in kinship terms, and hand them the teacup with both hands. When serving, you must say, “[kinship term], please drink the tea.”

How do you do a wedding tea ceremony?

Etiquettes During Tea Ceremony

  1. Groom kneels on the right while Bride on the left.
  2. The male relative will sit facing the groom and the female relative will sit facing the bride.
  3. The couple will also be served tea by younger relatives and the couple is to gift them with red packets after receiving their tea.

How do you host a Chinese tea ceremony?

Serving the tea:

  1. Step 1: Everyone assembles where the tea ceremony is being held.
  2. Step 2: Opening statement from parents of the bride and/or groom (or potentially an officiant)
  3. Step 2: Tea is first served to the groom’s parents, and then to other relatives/elders in descending age order or level of closeness:

How long is a Chinese wedding tea ceremony?

We recommend setting aside at least two hours for the tea ceremony so that might increase your already hectic schedule on the day of the wedding. For that reason, many modern brides are opting to do the tea ceremony at different times throughout the wedding weekend.

How much do you give at a Chinese wedding tea ceremony?

You should allocate 4 cups per couple you serve (or 2 cups per person you serve) and have enough tea to make 3 pots of tea.

What happens in a Chinese wedding ceremony?

In traditional Chinese weddings, the ceremony is only a very small element of the wedding day. Vows are exchanged at a local government office as the paperwork is signed and then the couple attend an intimate ceremony, where they stand at the family altar and pay their respects to nature, family ancestors, and deities.

What do you need for Chinese tea ceremony?

What Do you Need for a Chinese Tea Ceremony?

  • A tea set, including a tea pot and coordinating tea cups.
  • Hot water.
  • Tea leaves.
  • Two chairs for the parents/relatives to sit on.
  • Two pillows only if you will be kneeling (many couples just offer a deep bow these days)

How much money do you give for a tea ceremony?

If you have younger siblings or relatives serving you tea during your tea ceremony, it’s customary to give them an ang bao each. How much you give is up to you, although many tea ceremony ang bao contain smaller amounts. “Any of the auspicious denominations, such as $38, $88, $138, would do,” says June.

How do you host a tea ceremony?

  1. How To Build A Modern Tea Ceremony Practice.
  2. Gather your tools.
  3. Prepare a peaceful space where you and your guests can enjoy the tea ceremony.
  4. Be sure to warm and purify your tools before preparing the tea.
  5. Set an intention for the ceremony, either silently or aloud.

What should I expect at a Chinese wedding?

Most Chinese weddings are split into two parts: the tea ceremony and the banquet. Chinese wedding banquets are held in the evening. You can expect a lot of food and entertainment! Most banquets will last at least two hours and include an 8-course meal (sometimes more) of delicious entrees and desserts, so come hungry!

How much should you put in a red envelope?

Giving a red envelope to your parents is a sign of respect, a gesture pointing back to longstanding notions of filial piety. Make the gift generous, between $50 and $100, and expect to receive a red envelope in return, symbolizing your parents’ blessings for you.

What is traditional Chinese tea ceremony?

One of the famous Chinese tea ceremonies is the one named Gongfu tea ceremony, also known as Kungfu tea ceremony. It is known as the Chinese traditional tea ceremony and its place of birth is unknown.

What are the steps in the Japanese tea ceremony?

Japanese Tea Ceremony Procedures. The steps to the ceremony are quite simple: clean the serving bowls, boil a pot of water, serve a sweet treat to guests before the tea, mix powdered bitter green tea ( Matcha ) and water to make a frothy tea, serve the tea to guests.

Is Chinese tea the same as green tea?

Unlike oolong and black tea which is originally made from withered leaves and leaves exposed to a long oxidation process, Chinese green tea does not go through the same process. Green tea is traditionally made from leaves known as Camellia Sinensis and they don’t get the same level of exposure as any other types of leaves.

What to expect at a Japanese tea ceremony?

What to Expect at a Japanese Tea Ceremony. The host greets guests with a bow, and promptly commences a series of pre-tea rituals with astounding finesse and grace. The charcoal ceremony, which involves building the fire to heat the water for tea, is followed by a show of cleaning the tea utensils in front of guests. Your host’s precise,…