How do you classify book conditions?

How do you classify book conditions?

Typical Usage: F/VG – Fine book in very good jacket.

  1. Fine/Like New (F) Book may have been read.
  2. Near Fine (NF) Clean, with no defects, but may show slight wear at edges of book or dust jacket.
  3. Very Good (VG) Shows signs of wear.
  4. Good (G) Average used book with all pages present.
  5. Fair (FR)
  6. Poor (P)

What is acceptable book condition?

Guidelines For Acceptable Book Condition The cover may have recognizable superficial wear with slightly damaged corners. The notes and highlighting should be less than ten pages, and the book should have no odor, tape, or big stickers.

What does near fine book condition mean?

NEAR FINE (abbreviated “NF”) ~ Somewhere between Very Good and Fine. The distinction is usually in the eye of the bookseller and involves minor defects (which must be described). Near Fine is generally meant to inform the customer that the book’s condition is excellent but “not quite Fine”.

What is acceptable condition?

Acceptable Condition means, after the occurrence of any Casualty or Condemnation affecting the Property, that the Property has been restored to substantially its condition as it existed immediately prior to the applicable Casualty or Condemnation.

What is good used condition?

If your item is in “GUC,” or “Good Used Condition,” meaning that it’s still wearable, it might have a small stain on the cuff, or a seam may be unravelling. These items will have no rips, holes, tears or stains.

What does RH mean in books?

Reverse-harem–in terms of reading–is a sub-genre that is not focused on any religion or culture. Most of the time, the story is about a group of guys and a girl, and somehow things start to progress romantically or platonically towards where a book can be considered RH.

What does VG mean for book value?

VG – Very Good. Describes a used book that shows some small signs of wear – but no tears – on either binding or paper. Any defects must be noted. This is the average used book: it looks used without being used up.

Can books be graded?

Book grading is one of the most ambiguous factors in collectible books. The difficulty lies in the fact that there is no clear standard for grading books, even though one is truly needed. Perhaps, it is worth examining the book grading standards that do exist for somewhat similar collectibles – comics books.

What is considered like new condition?

Like New Condition means refurbished to the latest revision to meet all applicable electrical, mechanical, firmware and cosmetic specification and Engineering documentation, including the replacement of damaged or missing non-functioning parts.