How do you become a crown member?

How do you become a crown member?

Join Crown Rewards – It’s Quick, Easy & Free *Provisional members will need to visit a Crown Rewards desk to become a full member.

Does it cost anything to join Crown Rewards?

MEMBERSHIP. Membership in the Crown Rewards program is free. No purchase is necessary.

How do I find my crown membership number?


  1. Go to
  2. Log into your account.
  3. Click on “Crown Rewards”
  4. Click on your “Member number” (top right)
  5. Click on “Print temporary card”
  6. Select printer option.
  7. Click on “Print”

How do I get a new crown card?

Visit a Crown Rewards desk with a valid form of Appropriate Identification to collect your new card today.

Do Crown Rewards cards expire?

Information. Your membership will only expire if it is not used within two years. If your membership has expired, you can enroll again to receive a new membership number. You can join at a Gold Crown store or online.

How do you get Crown status credits?

Earning a Status Credit is simple. When you earn enough points, you’re automatically awarded a Status Credit. Status Credits make it easy for you to discover a new Crown Rewards membership tier and a range of benefits. Your points can be accumulated over the course of your six-month membership cycle.

Do Crown points expire?

All Points held in a Membership Account will expire at midnight AEDT at the end of the 6th consecutive month for which the Member has not earned or redeemed Points.

Do Crown Rewards members get free shipping?

Being a Crown Rewards Member has its perks such as free shipping, exclusive savings, a free card every month, and so much more! Grab a few Christmas cards or gifts with your new coupon and rewards status.

How do you get Crown Rewards?

HOW DO I EARN CROWN REWARDS POINTS? It’s simple to earn points with Crown Rewards, just show your card at participating outlets when you make a purchase.

How do I redeem my crown points?

You can use your points to:

  1. Exchange for Table Play on the Casino floor.
  2. Pay for your restaurant bill*
  3. Pay for your hotel rooms and services.
  4. Pay for purchases at selected bars and nightclubs*
  5. Shop at Crown’s retail precinct*
  6. Pay for your event or conference at Crown.

How many points is a crown?

Crown and Anchor membership is complimentary and points are earned every night spent onboard a Royal Caribbean ship. The scheme works on a “1 point per night” system with 2 points per night being awarded for a Junior Suite or above category.