How do I reset my Audi navigation system?

How do I reset my Audi navigation system?

Turn the car on by pushing the start button, then, move your hand to the right, for the volume control and push DOWN On it. Hold it for about 15 seconds (seems like eons) and then the screen message that you see will disappear, then reappear.

What does RNS-E mean?

The RNS-E is designed to receive and display a video signal from a reverse camera in both the Audi TT MK2 Coupe and Roadster. While Audi never offered this feature as a standard option, various after-market cameras and media adapters are currently available.

Does RNS-E have Bluetooth?

In the iPhone, go to Settings – General – Bluetooth and you’ll see “KUFATEC FISCON” as an available option (if you don’t, recheck your installation & connections). You should now see the phone in your RNS-E and use it just like you would the OEM bluetooth feature.

How do I update the software on my RNS-E?

Hold down the RADIO & SETUP buttons for 10 seconds. RNS-E will restart, the software will update & maps will be cached. The complete process should take 1-5 minutes but can take up to 15-20 minutes depending on what needs to be updated.

What is the RNS-E project?

This is a hobby project by pcbbc, an Audi TT and RNS-E enthusiast. Driven by his goal of retro-fitting a 193PU RNS-E into his Audi TT 8N, a vehicle which was only rarely fitted with a BNS navigation system from factory, pcbbc has fixed bugs and added extra features to the stock RNS-E firmware.

How do I update the navigation on my Audi RNS-E?

You can purchase the latest update DVD from our online shop- Audi RNS-E 2020 Navigation Plus Map Update DVD – 8P0060884DD Start the car. Press the eject button on the RNS-E unit. Remove old navigation DVD & replace with supplied DVD. Hold down the RADIO & SETUP buttons for 10 seconds.

Does the RNS-E have a built-in hard drive?

The RNS-E unit does not have a built in hard drive, or any other means of saving the data onto. Q. Can I use the SD card slots for the maps instead?